Reduce, Reuse, Redecorate

Combining our two households has been a challenge to say the least. Our personalities and compatability are great; it’s the stuff that has us vexed. Admittedly, I have an unusually large amount of kitchen things. I love kitchen things. We moved a couple of large book cases into the kitchen to hold said stuff, but it was crowded with those and the dining set. The dining set didn’t quite fit in the dining area, so the sofa table resided in the dining area (stay with me). Made perfect sense at the time. But the kitchen crowding got to me. So, the solution was to use the sofa table as a kitchen island of sorts, move the dining set back to the dining area (sans two chairs), and voila! Sometimes it pays to put a piece of furniture where it was never intended to be. Console in the kitchen, absolutely. Granted, this is a temporary fix until we find our next home, but for now it makes life in the kitchen a little easier!

not enough space
sofa table as an island
dining area once again for dining!