It’s the little things (in the kitchen)

As mentioned before, I have an affinity for kitchen things. Not appliances, but bakeware, mixing bowls, dinnerware, utensils…I get giddy! The latest addition is a set of sweet little glass bowls from Ikea to hold ingredients I’ve chopped and measured until I’m ready to toss into the pot. I love these tiny bowls! They hold only about two tablespoons of whatever, but somehow these little guys make me feel more like a real chef when I use them. And there is actually some validity to that.

Ken and I took a cooking class about a year ago at Bickett Market in Raleigh. The recipe was Local Chicken, Chorizo and Collard Pot Roast, prepared by Chef Ricky Moore (incredibly talented). This dish was so delicious it nearly brought tears to my eyes. I’m serious, I love food that much. I think the biggest take-away for me that night was the practice of mise en place (set in place) which means you prep and measure all of your ingredients before you start cooking so everything is ready and easily accessible when you fire up. Sounds like common sense right?  Not for the girl who didn’t really start cooking until her mid-30s.This was huge!

So tonight I pre-chopped and pre-measured, used the tiny glass bowls, and holy cow this cooking thing was even easier – I love cooking even more! And I must say, my chili was rockin…