Curio Cabinet Make-Over



It’s taken me longer than anticipated to post this one. I started this project about 10 days ago thinking it was a one or two day project. Hmm, this has such a familiar ring to it… This curio cabinet was a Christmas gift from my Mom about 20 years ago. I loved it for a few years, and then it took up residence in my closet. I wasn’t into the Queen Anne style any longer – I had my eye on clean, sleek lines and something a bit more modern. And I’m one of those folks who has a huge guilt complex about letting go of something that was a gift. You should see my closet. But, fast forward to today, I have the clean, sleek lines and am still loving it, and now have that inkling to add a sprinkling of vintage. I opened the spare bedroom closet, and there it was – the curio from Mom.


What added several days to the project was the fact that I disassembled the cabinet and painted each piece separately. And, since I was going from dark wood stain to a very pale and gorgeous shade a blue called “skylight,” it took three coats to cover. I lightly sanded all of the surfaces first so the paint would have something to adhere to. Then I painted, and I painted, and I painted! Our kitchen was a workshop for nearly two weeks. Once it was fully painted and reassembled, much to Ken’s horror I took the sanding block and began sanding here and there all over again. He thought I had lost my mind, but I gently explained to him the process of distressing the piece to give it that vintage look I wanted. To add to that feel, I left the door off for more of that shabby chic essence. Here are a few shots of the before, the after, and a close-up of the subtle distressing. It turned out great – I love it and it now resides on my desk filled with notecards and stationery. And it feels so nice having Mom’s gift to me be a part of my home again [insert genuine warm fuzzy]…

Lightly Distressed Edges