Are you my card box?

I have been on the hunt for something unique to use as a card box at our wedding in June. Since we began planning, the words casual, rustic, vintage, and budget have all become part of our daily vocabulary. Our venue is a restored historic property with exposed brick walls and hardwood floors. We are not really decorating other than old vintage bottles we find here and there at antique stores, flea markets, and thrift stores which will be filled with baby’s breath and set at each table. You get the idea – very casual and understated. So in keeping with that, the typical ornate card box was really not what we were looking for.

I thought we might use an old wood toolbox; I recall my father having one when I was a kid. I found one on craigslist similar to this one. We agreed on the vintage toolbox idea, but rather than purchase the one right before me, that we both liked, I felt the need to shop around first and explore all my options. Do you all do that too? You find the perfect sweater, or pair of jeans, or whater it is you’re looking for right out of the gate, but you feel compelled to try on more just to be sure? So off to Antique Village I went. This place is great! It’s on Durant Road, between Capital and Falls of Neuse. There are several independent antique stores on one property that make up the little village. I found a few wood toolboxes that would fit the bill, but I also found an old bird cage, a small antique leather suitcase, and various wood fruit and vegetable crates that would look awesome as well. Enter confusion. I was so confused that after a couple of hours of looking and comparing and making myself crazy, I went home with none of the above.

But not to worry, I opened my trusty closet-o-stuff and right there before me was my grandmother’s old sewing basket – perfect! I need to check with my Mom on the specifics when she visits in June, but I believe Grandma used it as a sewing basket. It looks more like a picnic basket, but regardless, it will be the perfect card box. It’s unique, antique, fits the budget, and best of all it has a family connection. I’ll give it a good cleaning, line it with some vintage fabric (I’m thinking black and white bird print or something with a rich yellow/gold hue), and make a fabric banner that reads “C-A-R-D-S.” Like those triangular sports pennants all strung together, one letter on each pennant. Now I’m excited to go fabric shopping – I’ll let you know how it turns out!