Cooper Molera Fandango Red (now that’s some color!)


dingy door before

Well, as expected, I didn’t quite get on this project as quickly as I had planned. I tackled the front door this weekend (just a week late), but let me cite the rain last weekend as one of the (many) reasons I did not get to it then. Ok, I’ll not bore you with any further excuse-making!  

As you can imagine, the painting of the door was really quite simple. Famous last words before you’re told you did it all wrong. Let’s hope I don’t hear them. Anywho, I (meaning Ken) removed the kick plate. Then I (truly I this time) removed the door knocker and taped the remaining hardware. I gave it a quick wipe with a damp cloth and let it dry and sanded just a couple of spots where it was rough. I bought a quart of exterior flat in Cooper Molera Fandango Red which is a National Trust for Historic Preservation color offered by Valspar at Lowe’s. I love the name! I chose it because it matched the existing color almost perfectly (and thus, matches the shutters), but truth be told, I sometimes choose my nail color based solely on the name. Who can resist wearing “pinko de mayo” or “hey vito, is my car ready” on their toes? I digress.
cheery door after

I painted two coats and the entire project cost less than $15 and took me all of about an hour. And voila! We have a cheery new door to welcome our guests and hopefully some potential home buyers. Wish us luck! Now on to the next project…[sigh]