What’s in Your Inbox of Llife? Give yourself the gift of decluttering

You may have noticed Chubs Lived Here has been quiet for the past couple of weeks (well, I hope you noticed). The push to get the condo ready for market has consumed us. I know, I know, enough about getting ready for market. But, you’ll be happy to know, we have been busy as bees here and have the place ready – yahoo! We are going live on Wednesday – buyers welcome! After lugging MUCH to the newly-rented storage unit (something I swore I would never have in my lifetime because if I have too much stuff to fit in my home I just need to purge. hmph. look at me now), after painting this-that-and-the-other, and so much cleaning I can’t begin to tell you…voila! Check out the staged closets. Ooh, ahh! I think that’s my favorite thing about this whole process – the closets. Isn’t that funny? Not the extra space to maneuver in the kitchen, not the super clean carpet, or even the freshly painted door. Who would have thought?


the closet-o-stuff
another angle for drama
stuff no more!
Anywho, I got to thinking, why don’t we (meaning I) treat ourselves (meaning me) like this on a daily basis? I work hard, come home and work hard, and usually keep out of trouble. I deserve some space in my closet, dander-free carpet, and a spacious kitchen. But I let all of the things pile up. It’s sort of like the inbox of life. Like the mail, invoices, and to-do lists on my desk, I let shoes, pillows, books, and brick-a-brack accumulate all over my home. Don’t get me wrong, these are all lovely items, but do I need them? I have a list of books on goodreads that reminds me what I’ve read and what my favorites are. I suppose I don’t really need copies of my favorites looming over my head as I watch tv. Same for cookbooks in the kitchen. My favorite recipes can be added to Pinterest. I really could pare my wardrobe down to about half and be just as happy and well-adjusted (and stylish!). Honestly, I only wear about half of my wardrobe anyway. I smell a challenge! Let’s start with photo albums. How many? Maybe 15? Yep. Project No. 1 is to scan as many of those puppies as I can and be rid of the hard copies. I may need to schedule that as Project No. 1 after the wedding though. Seems those wedding projects are piling up in my inbox too…