Wedding Stuff and a Daytrip to Pittsboro…And Food!

We have been busy busy busy with wedding stuff. For starters, we purchased the groom’s suit! We opted for a suit versus a tuxedo to keep with the classy casual feeling we’re going for on our big day. We really want everyone to feel comfortable, including us. It was a much quicker process than I expected. Ken tried on maybe three suits and we purchased two of them. It was a buy one get one sale, so hooray for Ken and his new threads! Of course Domo came along (see photo below). Ken’s brother gave him that shirt as a gift, and he gets so many compliments on it that he wears it everywhere. All. the. time. I like the t-shirt too, but Geez Louise! But back to the suit. We opted for the trim cut in a fabric that is very Mad Men-esque. It looks great on him and I can’t wait to see him in it on the big day!

Ken poses for yet another blog shot…he’s such a good sport!

I purchased this fabric that I’ll use to line my Grandmother’s sewing basket which I plan to use as our card box at the wedding. These colors have no connection to the Tiffany blue on our invitations, but they are so rich and warm and I couldn’t resist! I still need to clean the basket before I start the lining project. Please share any suggestions on how to clean the caked-on dust. I’m thinking furniture polish or furniture cleaner as I don’t want to dry the basket any more than it already has over the years. Agree?


Next on the wedding list is hair. Mine, not Ken’s. I know, a sad attempt at an easy joke 🙂  Here’s something I seldom do: forget about my hair appointment. Another thing I seldom do is sleep in. Guess what? I did both on the same day! I got a call at 9:15 asking if I was coming to my 9:00 appointment. Oops. I felt awful. Like I said, this is something I never do. The Midwest in me just screams punctuality. I have tried to be fashionably late to events to no avail. On time; always. I jumped out of bed, raced to Atomic Salon, and Katelyn was so sweet to work me in and did several updos for me to see. A huge shout out to Katelyn as I’ve been with her a few years now and love what she does with my hair! The dilemma is that I really like several of the styles she tried on me. We wanted to get as many styles in as we could, so she did rough works just to get an idea of what it would look like – here’s one that’s in the running. I love it!


After the hair appointment, Ken and I decided to take a day trip to Pittsboro. It’s a quaint little town about 40 minutes from our place. We had lunch at S&T’s Soda Shoppe which was a blast from the past complete with juke box and soda floats (which I, of course, had to sample!). After our lunch and an almond float, we pretty much rolled out of there! Then we meandered up one side of the street and down the other stopping at all of the shops and antique stores. I procured a few more vintage bottles for the wedding decor and Ken got an afternoon coffee fix at a cool little independent coffee shop/club/live music venue/comedy venue/movie venue. I think they’re having a bit of an identity crisis, but they served a mean cup-o-Joe. It was one of those simple, unexpected, lovely afternoons.


And lastly, since Easter and Passover overlapped this year, we hosted a sort of “East-Over” dinner at our place Sunday evening. It was my first attempt at making matzoh ball soup, and it was delicious! I made homemade chicken soup from a recipe shared by a good friend and then added the matzoh balls as you would add dumplings. The menu was rounded out with a “Pot Roast in Rich Gravy” from my favorite epicurious app on the iPad (which included carrots, parsnips, tomatoes, rosemary, and a red wine reduction), baked potatoes, and some fresh baked brownies! Yum!

I hope your holiday weekend was blessed, wonderful, and everything you hoped for 🙂