Basket to Card Box…Check!

A few months back I posted some pics of my Grandmother’s sewing basket and planned to clean it up and add a lining so I could hopefully use it as the card box at our wedding. Well, voila!  I actually completed one of the many wedding projects…and not a moment too soon! We are 17 days out and the wedding checklist is looming heavier each day. So checking this one off felt good as this was probably the most challenging task on the list.

Covered in stuck-on dust
Inside was not pretty

I started by giving it a super good cleaning. I used whatever spray furniture polish lives under my kitchen sink and a soft cloth. It took some time because of the weave, but I got every little spot. Removing the dust from the crevices made a world of difference and the polish gave the basket a deeper patina and sheen. It’s much prettier than I originally thought – bonus!

I used furniture polish sprayed on a cloth to
get at all the little nooks & crannies

Now time to start the lining. I haven’t sewn in years, and actually gave my sewing machine to my Mom a few years back. She has since taken it to Wisconsin, so no chance of borrowing it back. My sweet friend Jayne was happy to lend me her machine and away I went! I measured the bottom both width and height and added an inch for seam allowance, and then cut a square to size. I did that for the four sides as well.

Measure first, cut second!
The first square is cut

After cutting all five pieces, it was time to rev up the machine. Completely forgetting the first rule of sewing, I sewed wrong sides together. Then I dug out the seam ripper and took it all apart, complete with flashbacks to Miss Wagner’s Home Economics 101 in 9th grade. A little trip down memory lane!

Sewing wrong sides together 🙁
Now I’m sewing RIGHT sides together – yay!

Once all five pieces were properly sewn together, I sewed a 1/2″ hem along the top edge. Then on to the dreaded hot glue gun (another loaner from Jayne). It’s been years since I used one of these too and forgot what it feels like to basically burn my fingerprints off. Ouch!

I put a thin bead of hot glue along the top edge
and pressed the hemmed edge of the fabric in place
Clean basket outside
Fully lined basket inside.  The mini chalk board
will read “Cards” just in case anyone is confused…

So there it is!  What do you think? I love it. There are, of course, imperfections here and there since I’m terribly out of practice in the sewing realm and was never a master seamstress to begin with. HOWEVER, I think it looks pretty darn good! Can’t wait for this sweet little keepsake to be proudly displayed at the wedding catching all the well wishes from our friends and family. I think Grandma would have smiled at this. Warm fuzzy 🙂