Wedding Project No. 2 (and No. 3)

Admittedly, my last post should have been titled “Wedding Project No. 1.” I was knee-deep in wedding stuff and likely didn’t have my wits about me, so let’s pretend the last post was Wedding Project No. 1. This one is Wedding Project No. 2 (and No. 3). Good.

With the card basket complete, and with my Mom and soon-to-be niece-in-law Emilia in town for the wedding, I enlisted some much-needed help to finish the last of the wedding projects. And thank goodness for Emilia – I truly could not have done this without her help! She is Commissioner of RBI Baseball in Chicago (sponsored by the Cubs), and now I unofficially bestow upon her Saint as well. Saint Commissioner Emilia. I like it!

So here’s the thing: I often underestimate the scope and time commitment of my projects. Ken will tell you I always underestimate the scope and time commitment of my projects, but no need to beat a dead horse. First up was the photo wall project. Ken and I are fans of the Food Network show “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives,” and when we travel we try to hit as many of the featured diners as possible. So far I think we’ve eaten at 15 of them. Yes, we loooove to eat! I thought it would be cute to drape a ribbon horizontally on a wall and have the photos of us at each diner dangling from vertical ribbons along with little print-outs of the well wishes left for us by our friends and family on our wedding website. Sounded simple to me.

To start, I cut rectangluar pieces of card stock of different colors and used a glue stick to adhere them together. Then I used some pre-cut labels we found at Michaels to print the well wishes (which I copied from our wedding website). The labels were self-adhesive.

Cardstock is cut and glued together
Labels are printed and ready to peel & stick
One well-wish card done!

Then we cut the length of the horizontal ribbon. Easy peezy. But how to attach the vertical ribbons? How long do we make the ribbons? How much space between the photos and cards? We have an uneven number? What goes in the center? You should have been here. No really, we could have used the help! The kitchen floor became our workshop for lack of any other space large enough.

Emilia was fabulous with the details and finding the answers to all of those questions. I’m learning that I’m more of a visionary when it comes to craft projects – not so much the detail-oriented individual I am at work. What I thought would take 30 to 60 minutes tops took about 5 hours. That includes another run to Michales to purchase another hot glue gun so we could both work at the same time. But it was well worth it (well, in my opinion. E may feel differently since this wasn’t her wedding). The finished product was terribly cute and everyone enjoyed the little cards with the wishes and the photos of our food travels.

Emilia measures between ribbons
It’s taking shape
Finished product! The photo doesn’t do
it justice – I guess sometimes you really
do have to be there to get the full effect.

If I get any better photos I’ll post an update. The book you see in the bottom right of the photo above is our guest book. I’m so proud of this idea as it was actually MY idea – an original from me! That never happens! I ordered a photo book with pictures of each person invited to our wedding, and they each signed next to their respective photo. It was a hit – we received so many compliments on this! The very last page has our wedding ceremony so we’ll always have that with us too. Another warm fuzzy…

We’re on page 1
Friends & family wrote sweet messages
Last page is our ceremony – it spoke to the
importance of friends and family and the
support of our loved ones 🙂