Wedding Projects No. 4 & 5 (the last ones!)

You’ve seen the photo guest book (huge hit with our guests!), the photo wall (way more work than anticipated, but great pay-off in the “awe, so cute” department), and our card box which was my grandmother’s sewing basket a la new lining and heavy-duty cleaning. The sewing basket to card box has such sentimental value; I’ll treasure it forever.

The last two projects we worked on – again with the invaluable help of others – are the flowers and the table assignment signs.

Table assignments. Our venue was split into two areas: the main area on ground level and a mezzanine/loft area above overlooking the main area. We arranged family on the ground level as we had a few folks who wouldn’t do well with stairs, and friends were seated in the mezzanine. Since we wanted everyone to be relaxed and comfy, we opted for no seat assignments in the mezzanine – friends could sit where ever and with whomever they wanted! Woohoo! For family seated on the ground level, although we did not assign specific seats, we did put folks at specific tables.

I planned to print in a funky font, on the same card stock used for the photo wall, the names of each person at each table and put that into a black photo frame. Understated and classic. My two middle names. Here’s how it actually played out…

After the photo wall project that eventually included buttons hot glued here and there, Emilia sort of got the button bug. And why not – if you’re going to do something then do it all the way, right? So she started attaching buttons to the frames and it. looked. adorable. It really tied things together – sort of like a theme – but we won’t use that word because I really don’t care for themed weddings, so we’ll say it ‘coordinated.’

The problem arose when, around midnight (6 hours before the alarm) my printer ran out of ink. Egads! I had about a hot second of panic and disappointment, but quickly decided I was way too tired for that kind of drama, so I grabbed a pen and started writing the names in my best I’ve-been-up-all-day-and-it’s-midnight-now handwriting. I have to say, they turned out just fine! With the personalized handwriting and the buttons, they took on that same homey feel that we brought with the card box and photo wall. It was perfect!

Again, no photo of this “in action” at the venue.
Hopefully will have one when we get the professional
photos.  Will post an update for you then!

Now the flowers. The beautiful, gorgeous flowers! Since most everything related to the wedding was in the DIY realm, you’ve probably already guessed the flowers would be no different. Who am I to disappoint and do something the easy way? Haha! Again, in keeping with the relaxed, homey atmosphere, I really wanted the flowers to have the same feel. For the longest time I planned to use only baby’s breath – for the bouquet, the tables, and everywhere. That was until I started pricing baby’s breath. It looks like such a dainty and unassuming filler. Who would think it’s actually a bit pricey when you want it for your main act?

Luckily, I was at the farmer’s market on my lunch break (you may recall from a previous post) and came upon the nicest lady selling roses. These were not those half-opened, non-fragrant commercial roses. These looked like they came from your grandma’s back yard. They were fully opened, had huge blossoms, thorns and leaves everywhere, and smelled like heaven! First thing out of my mouth was “can I buy a bunch of these for my wedding?!” And so it came to be that the day before my wedding I picked up 150 fresh cut roses from Stager’s Fresh Cut Garden Roses in Ken’s little Escape and away I went.

Me and Mom all loaded up
at the rose garden
Stager’s front yard (more in the back!)
Mom stopped to smell the roses.
She is so darn cute!

Surprise of the day: I’m allergic to roses. Can you believe it? By the time I got home (15 minutes later), tears were running down my cheeks and my eyes and nose were of the Rudolph variety. Who would have thought? I’ve never had a reaction like that to any flower. I don’t think ragweed is considered a flower, is it? My guess is because they were freshly cut and I had 150 of them in the small SUV they just got to me. Thank goodness the next day when they were scattered throughout the venue they didn’t bother me a bit. But what a scare. Yikes!

So this is what they looked like when we got them home:

So beautiful!

Then we worked, and we worked, and we worked to get them wedding ready. My nephew Chad drew the short straw and got the job of stripping thorns from the ones to be used for my boquet. Thank you Chad! That was a job. Emilia made for me not one, but two boquets so I would have a choice. I felt like a princess even before the big day!

Emilia found a youtube video on
how to make a bouquet. She could
do this for a living!
Here is the finished product.  The charm is a photo of my father
who passed away several years ago.  The satin ribbon around the stems
is the fabric cut from my wedding gown when it was hemmed.

And all of us got busy cutting stems and putting roses into vases. In the months leading up to the wedding, I collected vintage bottles and vases from various thrift stores. The look could not have been better – we were both so happy with how everything looked at the wedding. I know I’ve said it before, but gosh I do love it when a plan comes together!

collecting vintage bottles
Vintage jar with yellow roses.
Two jars or bottles at each table
with tealights between.
It was so pretty!

But the hard work and craftiness were only a small, albeit taxing, part of our event. What made it the most wonderful day of our lives were our friends and family who came together and helped us, and helped us, and then helped us with things we didn’t even know needed attention. Our wedding was filled with beautiful flowers, sweet little touches here and there, and lots of fabulous food & drink, but it would have been nothing without the celebration, love and kindness shown to us by our friends and family. We are so blessed, so fortunate. And let’s not forget, I married my best friend, the man of my dreams. Swoon…