Bedroom Redo Phase I

After living in bland land for a few months I decided it was high time for at least a little color. When we combined households, the bedroom was the most obvious room where Ken and I had different decorating styles. I think we have five different wood finishes in the one room. I’m all for eclectic, but this is a little much! When we decided to list the condo, I tried my best to make everything neutral to appeal to as many potential buyers as possible, and to balance everything that was going on in the bedroom (I’m talking about colors and wood finishes!). We ended up with a study in beige and gray.

Ok, but blah.
Patio chair in the corner had the wrong colors.

I was inspired by a lamp I saw at Pier I and decided a little shot of teal might help our room. Since we already had silver based lamps, I thought I would cover a pair of white lampshades with teal fabric to copy the look and use our existing lamps. A few hours and lots of frustration later, I ended up with a couple of underwhelming lamps. I sometimes forget that I’m not the craft maven I think I am!

Inspiration lamp at Pier I (but not in the budget).

So Phase 1 of this little redo was to purchase some colorful pillows and accent pieces, new lamps, and also to reupholster the patio chair that resides in the corner of the room.

First, I reupholstered the patio chair in black & white.
Then I added some colorful pillows and draped a scarf over the chest.
The bed got a few colorful pillows too, and new bedside lamps.

This all helps, but remember it’s only the beginning. I plan to paint several of the pieces of furniture with a soft, old-timey white (the nightstands, cedar chest, one of the dressers, and book shelf. That will bring us to three wood finishes in the bedroom – woohoo! The color I have in mind I also saw at Pier I:

Once that’s all finished (all that furniture painting may take awhile), then we’ll take a look at what’s on the walls and maybe even bring in an area rug. It’s a huge room, and even though it screams for over-sized everything, we’re planning for our next home which will likely have smaller rooms. We’d love a 1920s bungalow or mid-century ranch, but the trade-off for all that charm, character and nostalgia typically is square footage. So, trying to make this home more comfortable, but keeping in mind what we’ll likely have next, is a balancing act. I’m sure it’ll all come together soon – it always does!

In the mean time, I painted a bedside table in our guest room. It started out looking like this:

Nightstand before
Green & wood on left, black file cabinet on right, wood desk far right.

A little dated (ok, a lot dated) and again, several finishes going on in the guest room, so I painted it black to match the file cabinet that serves as the other nightstand in that room. I changed out the hardware also to match the file cabinet.

Once again the kitchen is transformed into a workshop 🙂
Turned out nice!
The room looks finished now. Yay!

It’s nice to have one room finished 🙂 The other rooms are all livable works in progress, and we’ll get there. No rush…until I get a bee in my bonnet!