Add Color to a Neutral Room Without Paint

A couple of months ago I got a bee in my bonnet about the living room having no color. If you recall, we really beiged-out our home when we got it market-ready and staged last spring. Our listing was brought to you by the word neutral (translation: beige). We had quite a few lookers, and we received lots of positive feedback. Most everyone commented on how beautifully our home was staged. BUT, due to the real estate crash a few years back and the fact that our neighborhood has turned into an investment bed for landlords snatching up cheap properties and foreclosures, we didn’t get any offers we could accept.

So fast-forward to the here-and-now, and I’m having beige fatigue. We brightened up the kitchen with some paint on the cabinets – see that post here, but the living room had been swallowed up by tan, brown, dark wood, brown leather and was circling the color wheel drain. We still hope to sell and move someday, so purchasing new furniture now isn’t an option as I’d rather spend that dough on furniture to fit our next, more permanent, place.

Can there be any more beige?
Even Phoebe looks to have the beige blahs.

So late one Sunday afternoon I announce to Ken and the walls (or was it the floor – they run together like camouflage) that we need to infuse some color into this room, and fast! Like, let’s go to World Market now! Want to?! Maybe the room was making him feel a bit like a wilted flower too, or maybe he’s just a savvy hubby who appreciates keeping the Mrs. happy, but much to my delight, he said sure, let’s go – so off we went 🙂

We ended up getting nothing at World Market (which caused Ken to check my forehead for a temp), but bought curtains and pillows at Pier I, another pillow at Target, and a few weeks later a couple of coffee table books at Barnes & Noble, a lighter colored tray from Steinmart, and a super cool artsy LP bowl from Brushed-Up Bowls (some of the coolest green art I’ve seen – love love love it!).

Pillows and coffee table books
add some much-needed color
Bowl made from an actual album…and one of my
favorites from back in the day – AC/DC!
Finished product is a little cheerier than before!

We used only accessories to put a little blusher on this room because A) we really are tired of painting (as noted in the kitchen post), and B) we plan to put the place back on the market, maybe next spring, so we’re keeping the neutral colors on the walls and floors. But wow, what a difference a few accessories can make! I can’t wait to see what we can do when we’re settled somewhere more permanent!