Product Review: Is Your Dog a Power Chewer? Try the West Paw Hurley

The WestPaw Hurley has been a welcome challenge for my power chewer, Grace. And it’s one of her favorite toys.

Grace was heart worm positive when I adopted her a couple of months ago. She isn’t allowed any activity until her heart worm treatment is complete (only a few more weeks), so just about the only thing she can do is chew. And she loves to chew!

The first casualty was her harness. She
looked remorseful, so I gave her a pass.
Next was a shoe. So cliche, Grace. But I saw a pattern developing – it was time for some redirection.

Most chew toys I bought didn’t stand a chance and were tossed in the trash the first day, but the three that have survived are:

  • WestPaw Hurley
  • Deer antler
  • Kong – regular/red (showing the most wear and may soon be in the trash)

I initially bought her the WestPaw Bumi, but it was no match for my pint-sized girl.

This was the WestPaw Bumi. I’ve seen this toy last and last
with another dog. Under Grace’s care it had a lifespan of
about 5 minutes, but WestPaw stood by their guarantee.
Grace was very excited to get the WestPaw Hurley. I think
I heard her say “I’ll get you, my pretty!” as I handed it to her.

WestPaw has a one-time guarantee which Grace put to the test and, sure enough, they stood by their product. I returned the Bumi to the store where I bought it and they offered a refund or exchange. The clerk recommended the Hurley or the Jive for my little power chewer, so I exchanged for the Hurley and it has become one of her favorite toys. After several weeks and a lot of chewing, she has barely been able to chip off the tiniest piece. It should be noted too that these toys are made in the USA from non-toxic material and are buoyant. Score one for Grace’s Mum and thank you WestPaw! Now if I can keep track of my shoes…