My Struggle With Acne

My hormones are a mess. There, that’s out there. It’s the result of discontinuing a hormone regulating medication to accommodate a cancer fighting medication. Hmm, cancer vs. raging hormones…I’ll deal with the hormones. The only side effect of the hormone issue has been acne. I wish it were hot flashes or night sweats (I think), but it’s full-blown adolescent-like acne.

So what’s a girl to do? I’ve been avoiding prescription acne treatments due to the side-effects. I tried a couple over the years (Retin-A and Aczone) and both caused my skin to be dry, red, and cracked. It was as bad as the acne. There are a lot more medications out there, but much to my dermatologist’s dismay, I’m reluctant.

I did a little search for natural acne remedies and have been doing a baking soda and water treatment for about a week. My face has calmed a little, but I can’t really say whether it’s the baking soda paste or the downswing of a hormone cycle. Regardless, I’m doing the cover-up thing until (or if) my skin clears.

I’ve been using EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database as a guide to which products are harmful and which are not (huge thank you to Liz for that tip!). Apparently it’s a big deal to make cosmetics that don’t contain toxins. And when I say cosmetics, I’m not just talking makeup. This includes soaps, lotions, toothpastes, deodorants, etc. A contributor to says the average person uses up to 15 beauty products every day. Fifteen. The average person. That’s a lot of gunk soaking into our pores folks.

My mission: find a liquid makeup that

  • Has a low Skin Deep score
  • Wears well with my combination skin
  • Provides good coverage

I want to look good and sleep well knowing I’m not polluting myself with parabens and what-not.

I’ll post product reviews on the makeup I try and include before and after pics (I’m terrified to show you the before pics – thank you, American culture, for that little phobia). I’ll let you know what I find – feel free to share your tips here too. Wish me radiance!