C25K – Can I Finish?

I ran the Mucus Mile last night – woot woot! Here’s how you sign up: get a nasty chest cold, don’t go to the doctor but rather be miserable and subject your friends and coworkers to incessant, unmannerly coughing for about a month, and then go for a run on a brisk evening. Voila!  You’ve got your own phlegm-filled, coughing, runny-nose Mucus Mile.

Seriously though, I’m in week 15 of a 9-week program. Makes perfect sense, right? It was October 6 when I started Couch to 5K…pretty much on a whim. The idea literally crossed my mind that morning and I ran out the door. Much like I’m a slow reader, I guess I’m a slow C25Ker too. Ideally, you do three runs a week, but sometimes I was doing two and then the third would fall into the next week, which eventually put me behind a week or two. Then I got the nasty chest cold and couldn’t run for a month.

Add to that my plan to repeat week 8 because it was so difficult (just before I got sick). I struggled through that week, and moving on to week 9 seemed like pure foolishness. So here I am, a month later, in week 15. AND, after not running for a month, I started at week 6 to ease back into it. So if I stick to it, I’ll have completed this 9-week running shuffling odyssey in just 18 weeks. See how I did that?

I sure hope this isn’t how the actual 5k plays out. The average female runner finishes in 29 minutes – that puts me at about an hour and a half. My first official race is February 9, and I’m just hoping to run the entire 3.1 miles. I don’t like stuff (like goals) to be half done – I prefer to keep my mental checklist in motion. As tumultuous and disconcerting as the past couple of years have been, I could really use this little accomplishment. To simply finish.

What have you accomplished that made you feel good or that you were happy to have finished? Your stories and inspiration are most welcome!