Closet Organization Sans Tools

Because of the compact nature of my condo, even the real estate within my real estate is at a premium.  I’m always looking for ways to eke out a little more storage space where I can.  Well, I found a little space on the inside of the door to my coat closet.  I have shoes hung on the inside of the master closet doors, so I thought hey, why not use the entry closet too?  I installed two open top file boxes from the Container Store (also at most office supply stores; about $6 each) to serve as catch-alls.  I used those 3M Command Mini Hooks to hang them and added a couple of 3M Command Medium Designer Hooks to hang individual items.
Two storage bins and two hooks. Easy peasy.

The file boxes are great for my scarves, gloves and dog leash, and the two hooks are perfect for my backpack and hat. The best part – no tools!  Full disclosure – I did use a level and a pencil to be sure I attached the hooks evenly side-by-side so the file boxes would hang level.  But other than that, it was pretty much an eyeball kind of project.  If you’re comfy with the tools, go ahead and drill some holes and attach those boxes with screws, but it sure is nice to know you don’t have to.

3M Command Mini Hooks
Who doesn’t love a little organization and more storage space?