Morning Happiness – What Music Gets You Going?

Personally, being happy is pretty close to 100% my choice. I used to think that was cheesy when people would say it, but, turns out it’s true!

If I’m going to have a happy day, a happy morning is a must. Those first couple hours set the tone. And nothing puts a smile on my face and a bounce in my step more than hearing certain music on my drive to work. Here are a few of my never-fail happy day starters:

AC/DC – anything by AC/DC – seriously, anything.
Billy Squire – Lonely is the Night – you have to admit it just rocks!
Bee Gees – You Should be Dancing; Jive Talkin’; Stayin’ Alive – recovering disco queen here.
Michael Jackson – he is the King of Pop – ‘nuf said.
Barry White – Can’t Get Enough of Your Love Babe – don’t you tell me you don’t love that song.

So it seems even though I’m into all kinds of music from every decade, it’s still the throw-backs to my teens/early twenties are what really get me going. Ah, sweet nostalgia! Is it just me or are y’all like that too? Happy Friday!