How Does Your Garden Grow?

Spring has finally sprung in NC, and let’s hope there are no take-backs this time. I’ve been in the mood to garden for years and really miss having that little patch of ground to throw seeds at. Way back in the day I grew tomatoes, corn, green beans, and cukes and did fairly well. Now that I own from the studs-in only – no dirt to speak of – I’m restricted to pot gardening out on the deck.

I did a little bit of that several years ago and got just a couple of tomatoes (literally, two tomatoes), and some Jurassic sized green bell peppers. No idea how I grew those peppers, but they were great!

So last night I planted a cherry tomato and a basil, said a little prayer, and am hoping for the best.

Sweet Basil
Cherry Tomato

I’m super impatient and cannot wait to see how these babies grow. What do you all use to fertilize your garden plants? The only thing in my cabinet at the moment is houseplant fertilizer, which I know I don’t want on my food producing plants. I’m probably not going to compost given the space/land issue, and am not likely to ever handle manure, so your suggestions for a safe fertilizer would be truly appreciated. Happy Spring!