Making the Deck More Comfy

If you live in a house, you might think my deck is small at 8.5 x 11.5 ft.  If you live in a condo or apartment, you might think that’s roomy.  Thank goodness it’s not any bigger or who knows how many furniture groupings I would have gone through!  I know I’ve had a couple of director’s chairs, then a bistro table and two chairs, and finally a big comfy chair.  I’m sure there was one other season of decor, but I can’t for the life of me recall what it was.

I was always trying to maximize the seating, but then realized I seldom entertain out there so why not make it super comfy just for me?  Sitting in a metal bistro chair to read a book and enjoy the sunshine does not hold much appeal.  Hence, the big comfy chair and ottoman.  A few years ago Target had the most reasonably priced chair I could find, so I overlooked the Florida hotel lobby print and drug it home.  You know where this is going…I could overlook Florida on my deck for only so long.  So this summer the outdoor space got a little fluffing up.
The loud print chair and not much else.
Nearly a blank canvass.
Even Grace agrees it’s much better!
Looks like the ceiling fan could use a little touch-up now.

Please excuse the dilapidated tomato plant in the corner.  He’s not much of a looker, but I’m getting lots of tomatoes!  I know, you told me to put a cage on it from the get-go, and I did not, and now it’s been wrestled to the ground too many times by storms.  Lesson learned.

I replaced the Florida print cushions with new ones from Lowe’s.  I’m sure it was cheaper than having them reupholstered – I checked into that for living room furniture and was shocked at the cost – and I did not want to recover them myself again.  Did that once when the chair was inside and it was not my favorite project.  Bonus – the old cushions were donated to be used as dog beds.  Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!  I moved the kitchen rug outside for some coziness (it blended with the kitchen floor too much for my taste anyway).  The yellow pillow was in the closet waiting to be called up to somewhere, and I splurged on the metal garden stool (also from Lowe’s).


I added a couple of hanging baskets on either side to pretty it up a little.
I plan to do a lot more succulents next year.
My view tonight between chapters. I’m good with this.

So for a couple hundred dollars, the deck has taken on a whole new look.  She got a little up-do.  The big pay-off:  I spend a lot of time out there now.  And it’s a good thing I got that big comfy chair, because Grace has claimed 3/4 of it.  It’s nice to sit out there, snuggled with my dog, book, beverage.  You get the picture – more napping than reading.  A little piece of vacay right outside the door.