Five Foods that Taste Sweeter After I Nixed Sugar

It’s been over a year since I significantly reduced my sugar intake, and I am most surprised at how foods taste differently now. I used to consume a lot of sugar, and my guess is that I’m experiencing something akin to when a smoker kicks the habit and can finally taste something other than tar and nicotine. Now that my taste buds are free from their sugary shackles, these five foods taste sweeter to me than ever before.

  • Walnuts – I add these little gems to organic, unsweetened cereal and they make all the difference. I toss them on salads and into plain yogurt along with some raisins. Now I can taste their natural sweetness. Surprise! Even better, they contain omega-3 fat, vitamin E, and antioxidants.
  • Dark Chocolate (85% or higher) – what used to taste utterly bitter now tastes like sweet, cocoa decadence. When I sample milk chocolate, I can’t believe I ever ate that stuff; it tastes cheap, manufactured, and waxy. Dark chocolate not only tastes of indulgence, it’s high in vitamins and minerals, and studies have shown that it lowers your blood pressure and can harden tooth enamel.
  • Honey – I use it sparingly now because it tastes so sweet. While I used to squeeze, squeeze, squeeze the bottle, now I barely drizzle and am just as satisfied.
  • Carrots – who knew carrots were sweet? Okay, you all knew it and I’m late to the party! Carrots are so delightfully sweet already, only a sugar addict would glaze them. And they’re loaded with beta-carotene which the body converts to vitamin A.
  • Butter – a good smear of butter on any kind of bread (white, wheat, whole grain) will calm my sweet tooth. Has to be the real deal though–no margarine for me. Butter has suffered a bad rap for decades, but is making a comeback due to new studies that indicate it’s not the criminal we once thought. We are, however, still advised to use butter in moderation.
Walnuts contain omega-3 fat, vitamin E, and antioxidants
Dark Chocolate with 88% Cocoa
3 ounces contains a total of 10 grams of sugar (that’s less than 0.6 grams per square)
In comparison, a 1.85 ounce Snickers bar contains 27 grams of sugar
Good old sweet, creamy butter
      So there you have it. Healthy foods that taste great and take care of sweet cravings when they hit. That’s a win-win-win in my cookbook. Happy eating!