Avoid Extra Nail Holes When Hanging Pictures

Who doesn’t want fewer nail holes in their walls? I’m double excited about this because it was an original thought of my very own. Giddiness abounds!

I’ve been working like mad to finish the master bedroom, and the final task was to hang three framed photos of me and Grace. I’m bright enough to learn from past mistakes, so to just throw them up on the wall willy-nilly was not an option. Grace absolutely refused to hold them up for me to eyeball, so I came up with this little ditty.

  • I had three framed photographs to hang
  • I taped three photos to three pieces of copy paper to mimic the framed prints
  • I taped the three pieces of copy paper on the wall in various layouts until I found the one I liked

Voila! With the layout chosen, I pounded one nail per frame (of course I still measured and leveled) and was done. Easy. Peazy.

Framed prints and mock-ups on copy paper
Layout 1
Layout 2
I chose layout 3

What this really means is that the bedroom is finito and coming soon to a blog post for you!