An Update for the Bedroom

You all got a sneak peek of the boudoir when I checked in about the rug, but there is so much more to see! My room was cute but a little frumpy. Missing something for sure. Part of that something was a bed. I had a bed frame, but no head board/foot board action going on. So this summer I purchased my very first brand new bed. Can you believe it? But before I get too far into this, let’s take a look at the before.

The no-headboard look left the bed frumpy. The dresser was crowding the bed; I like to see a little bit of wall.
And how about some color? Aside from the blue pillow, it’s all beige and yellow.

And here’s the after. Having a real bed makes everything look crisp. Losing the droopy bed skirt is a plus too. The dresser is now in the living room/entryway storing extra blankets and holding a little dish for my keys. I like the more open feel of the white side table. And the rug! It gives the punch of color this room desperately needed.

While the dresser is being used for extra blankets, the chest of drawers facing the bed is actually used for clothes, so it stayed.

I don’t know what is up with this chest looking cherry in the photos
because it’s not. It’s pretty close to the same color as the new bed.
You’ll have to take my word.

I hung a couple of coat racks for my handbags and hats which keeps the closet clutter somewhat under control, and I like the bags as decorative items because they’re girly and add great texture.

And lastly, the cedar chest that used to be black is now white. With most of the furniture being dark wood or white, I felt two finishes were enough. The black cedar chest wasn’t harmonizing, but it was a gift from my parents many years ago, so it stays forever. When I painted it black circa 2004, I updated the hardware to something ridiculously modern. Lately I’ve been feeling nostalgic so I popped the original hardware back on after painting it white. It goes better with the antique-ish look of the side table. I like it!

And finally, one more gratuitous shot just because I’m so pleased!
This is the half-time show of the “One Room at a Time” adventure. I’ve done living room, dining room, and master bedroom. Remaining: master bath, half bath, and kitchen. Progress.

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