Quick Tip for Small Spaces – Purse Hook Works Just as Well at Home

We all have at least one purse hook for hanging our handbag when we’re out and about, but have you thought about using it at home? I live in a small space, and there truly is no place for my purse. The entry closet is spoken for, the pantry only provides shelves for food items, and if I keep it in the bedroom, I risk rushing out without it. So I took my prettiest purse hook and placed it at the end of my dining table/desk and that is where my purse resides.

Purse Hanger at Home

As long as your bag isn’t overloaded, it’s pretty safe to leave it hang full-time. If you’re a heavy bag carrier, the weight might be too much strain on your straps. But there you have it, another space saving idea for apartment, condo and small home dwellers.