Kitchen Upgrade: Finishing Touches

Here we are at finishing touches, but honestly, is a project ever really finished? Here is a link to the big kitchen reveal, and below is a little more info on a couple of the final details, but bear with me–this is the penultimate post about the kitchen. Who would have thought I’d have so much to say about the kitchen? Ha!

I installed this magnetic knife rack from Ikea (the GRUNDTAL) last week. For some reason, a magnetic knife rack in the kitchen feels like a complete luxury to me. I love it! Maybe because drawer space is at a premium, and I don’t want the clutter of a knife block sitting on the counter. Who knows, but we like what we like, right?

Ikea magnetic knife rack
Ikea magnetic knife rack
Ikea magnetic knife rack
Ikea magnetic knife rack

The best part is that it was simple to install. In keeping with Ikea’s special way, the two screws required are intentionally not included because “wall materials vary.” I guess for the bargain basement price of $15, they get to intentionally not include the screws. I had some on hand, so no worries there.

I was nervous about drilling into the grout between the newly-installed subway tile. Visions of crumbling grout and a domino effect causing the whole wall to come down danced in my head. But it was easy-peasy, and in about 5 minutes the rack was installed.

I do love an easy project.

As for seating, I had my eye on this Industrial Stool from West Elm, but at $199, it was out of the question. So look what I found at Target. The Lewiston is nearly a match, and at $60, two of them were tossed in the cart, paid for and swept into my vehicle in record time.

I do love a bargain.

Lewiston bar stools from Target
Target version is very similar to the West Elm style

Assembly was required, but thanks to the cave painting pictorial instructions, I figured it out with just a little head tilting. All total, maybe 45 minutes of assembly (stool #1 = 30 min; stool #2 = 15 min). In the grand scheme, no big. They’ve been sat on and are secure, so my work there is done.

I do love a finished project (well, project within a project).

And lastly, the three things I still want to do in the kitchen…some day…are:

  • Light Fixture–the existing fixture screams 1995 every time I flip it on. Seriously. I have been a shoppin’ and a searchin’ but have not yet found the fixture of my dreams…although this is a strong contender from Overstock.
Rae six light chandelier from Overstock
Something like this
  • File Holder–attach a cutesy/vintage file holder to the outer side of the pantry to hold mail and stuff (and tidy the desk that doubles as my dining table).
Wire, 3-tier, wall mount file holder
Something like this
  • Exposed Cabinet–remove a cabinet door and either paint or wallpaper the inside of one cabinet to display some of my pretty white dinnerware.
Kitchen cabinet, door removed, interior painted blue
Something like this

There you have it. A mostly finished kitchen with just a few cosmetic wants remaining. I can tick those off the list at my leisure. Next week I’ll tell you about the elephant in the kitchen and hope to hear what you think.

Because I do love your opinion!