Kitchen Upgrade: The Big Oopsie

Of course no project can be complete without some little snafu, right? Here’s where I need some input. When the laminate counters existed, there was a strip of laminate along the side of the pantry that was attached with glue. When the counter was removed, as expected, the glue damaged the wood on the side of the pantry. I say wood, but it is actually pressboard covered in wood grain paper.

Laminate strip on side of pantry
Laminate strip on side of pantry

Initially, I thought I would have a row of subway tile installed there, but after talking with the contractor, we decided that might look odd. One idea the contractor had was to call the granite folks back and have a strip of granite installed where the laminate was. I may end up doing that, but first I had to try to fix it myself. You’re all shocked, I’m sure.

I patched it with wood filler, sanded and stained it, but it is a hot mess. Because it’s not solid wood, when I sand it the edges of the wood grain paper tear. Blah.

Damage to side of pantry
Damage to side of pantry, patched and sanded

So here are my options–let me know what you think would look best or if you have another suggestion. Maybe you’ve dealt with this same situation? I’m curious what you all have to say.

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That’s about all I can think of to make this right. What do you think? And how about this fancy schmancy voting poll thing?!