My Dog Has Cropped Ears

Let me elaborate. My dog, Grace, has cropped ears because that is the condition in which she arrived at the shelter. And, sadly, her cropped ears were not the only barbarity she survived. The incredible team at the Wake County Animal Center showed her what kindness looks like and got her healthy enough so that I could adopt her. These folks know what they are doing, and I am eternally grateful to them.

Grace the Pit Bull
My Sweet Grace (photo credit: InBetween the Blinks/

No, I would never have my dog’s ears cropped. In fact, anyone who knows me would scoff at the insinuation. Grace is treated with love and a tender heart. The worst she endures is listening to me prattle on every day about nonsense. That might be distressing depending upon how chatty I am, but by and large, she has quite the cushy life.

I sometimes get the stink-eye from folks when I’m out with Grace, but I explain she is a rescue and that I did not have her ears cropped, and then everyone calms down. You can imagine my surprise when a photo of Grace turned up in this article at The Animal Rescue Site about the unnecessary and painful procedure of ear cropping (“Two Painful Procedures Your Puppy Should Never Have to Endure”). I was mortified that my sugar puppy was the poster child for what not to do to your dog, mostly because people were recognizing her as my dog.

It turned out to be on the up-and-up. The photographer I hired to take some shots of me and Grace about a year ago, InBetween the Blinks Photography (who did beautiful work), posted a couple of the photos to Shutterstock, someone purchased the above photograph for the aforementioned article, and voila! It’s 1:00 a.m. and I get a message that my dog is in an unflattering article flitting about social media. Life is goofy like that.

I do not condone ear cropping, and I wish it had never been done to Grace. But somebody did this to her, and now, as it turns out, she is the sweet face people will see when they read about why our pets should not be subjected to this painful procedure.

I love that adorable, furry face; those dreamy, saucer-round eyes; and the little white swirl that wraps around the right side of her muzzle. Yes, let this be the face people see when they read about ear cropping. Who could do that to such a sweet face? Who could do that at all?

Cheers, and hug your furbabies!