Closet Conversion

When is a closet not a closet? When it doesn’t serve it’s purpose. Example: the coat closet in the foyer of my cottage. Take a look at the state of this sad little stall just a few months ago.

The entryway closet had four shelves and nowhere to hang coats
The entryway closet had four shelves and nowhere to hang coats. It was barely sufficient for Grace’s coat and treat bag.

In all my haste to get moving on this project (and then leave it sit for a month because that’s how I do) I pulled out two shelves before I thought to take the before photos and I could not get them back in! So use your imagination and pretend there are four shelves in the photo above.

Does this make any sense? To anyone? The only closet at any entrance to my home does not accommodate coats. I’m pretty sure the previous owner would have had a couple of coats. Where did she keep them? On the shelves? No M’am. There is a coat closet in the far corner of the master bath. TRUE STORY!

I know. What the what? Perhaps a peacoat was needed in the shower? I cannot wrap my mind around it, but there is so much to share about the Mad Master Bath, all for another post.

I set out to make things right with my home and give it a proper entryway closet. I removed the shelves and the metal shelf brackets, which left major holes in the wall. I literally tore off the stick-on white board, which left major damage to the wall. I removed the over-the-door hook apparatus, which thankfully did not leave any damage.

I spackled and sanded and spackled and sanded. Then I spackled and sanded. This is not my forte because there are still visible imperfections, but it’s a closet. There will be coats hanging in it and they work wonderfully as camouflage!

After I painted everything white, caulking was next for that nicely finished look
I painted the walls, shelf, and wood white for a clean, unified look.
White caulk gives it a nicely finished look
White caulk gives it a nicely finished look.
Add a dowel...
Add a dowel…
...and voila! It's a coat closet!
…and voila! It’s a coat closet!

At long last, the cottage has a proper entryway closet and there are coats no more in the Mad Master Bath. I’m sleeping a bit better now.