The Christmas Cards That Got Away

The tricky thing about Christmas cards is that you can’t take your eyes off them. Not for a minute. It’s true.

Not a creature was stirring…but the cards were still there!

I love receiving the notecards of yule, unless there is glitter. Hold the glitter, please. Regarding the non-glittered, when I open the mailbox and peruse the return addresses from near and far, and slide the cards out to see…is it a Christmas tree, a snowman, maybe Santa himself…it’s like Christmas arriving early! They bring a smile to my face as I read the sweet messages and swiftly put them on display as part of the holiday decor. I hope my cards bring that little spark of joy to the folks on my list, too.

Speaking of which, I sat down at my desk to write my cards (yes, I still write a personal note or at least sign my name), and I was incredibly pleased with myself for having finished and put them in the mail nearly two weeks before Christmas. This. Never. Happens. I was proud! I high-fived Kimmy Schmidt! Ha! As if.

Anywho, about two weeks later, I walked past my desk and saw my little box of cards sitting there atop my pile of notebooks and bills, along with stamps and my Christmas card list. That was curious.

Well, apparently I walked away when [insert a number of things that could have distracted me] and forgot to finish the cards. For the love! Most of my list was crossed off, but there were a few names plain as day, without a line through them, mocking me. No line, no card. Oh dear.

I’m not one to let deficiency prevail, so some folks received a nice “Happy New Year” message this year. It’s the thought that counts and not so much the timeliness, right? Just wondering–how late is too late to send Christmas cards? Mine are in the mail…

Cheers! Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!