Costco Alert – Gorgeous Chair

The living room before-and-after reveal is not yet ready, but you’re going to get a sneak peek at a small piece because of this chair thing that’s been happening. First, look at this beauty I saw at Costco today. I went for pill pocket dog treats, got sidetracked to the home decor section, and happened upon this gem.

True Innovations Accent Chair at Costco
And out of the box

This is the chair I’ve been looking for! I had the living room nearly 100% pulled together, but it needed a chair. An upholstered chair with arms in which one could sit for a period of time. Visit, read a book, play the ukulele, perhaps. I shopped around for a few months and found the furniture stores are pushing the $500-$800 range. For a chair! My gosh, for that price it ought to have a fully-stocked, built-in trundle bar. Hmm, I should design furniture, right?

I purchased a more reasonably priced chair at World Market (one of my fave places), but it was the wrong style and just a notch off on the hue, so I wrestled it into the Altima and back to the store it went.

Finally, I found the Deshi Club Chair on It’s a beautiful piece, but the pitfalls of online shopping are that you neither get to see nor sit on said furniture and returning large pieces is cost prohibitive. First, the chair is more gray than I anticipated. Online, it looks to be a natural/wheat color. It is listed as beige, but it’s definitely gray. Second, the seat cushion is extremely firm. I mean, there is no give whatsoever when I sit. So much so, that I sit at least a head above whomever is on the sofa, and my feet don’t reach the ground. Not even close. None of this is terrible. Like I said, it’s a beautiful chair, and I can have the seat cushion insert replaced with something softer and thinner. A much better alternative than packing and shipping the thing back to Houzz.

The Deshi Club Chair at Houzz ($252)
True Innovations Accent Chair at Costco ($160)

However, if I had held out just a few weeks longer, I would have purchased the accent chair at Costco for nearly $100 less. It’s exactly the shade, style, size, and price I was looking for. Too late for me, but if you’re in the market for a chair that works with traditional, transitional, and eclectic styles, here it is. I had to share the chair!

BONUS (a few other pieces that caught my eye today)
Arc Arm Floor Lamp at Costco ($79)
Stylecraft 3-Light Floor Lamp at Costco ($70)
Closer look at Stylecraft 3-Light Floor Lamp
Synergy Home Sleeper Ottoman at Costco ($250)
You read that right – a sleeper ottoman! If you’re working with a small space, this is a dream!