Small Fix for Small Bathroom

Dear Bathroom, I’m just not that into you.

There, I said it. My master bath is ridiculous, and not in the modern-day ‘you’re so awesome’ sense of the word. I’m talking old-timey, Merriam-Webster definition: arousing or deserving ridicule : extremely silly or unreasonable : absurd, preposterous. That is all that can be said for my water closet with a shower. The toilet cave. The Mad Master Bath, as it was named in this post from December 2016 when I installed shelves in the toilet room. You can also see the crazy layout in that post. Trust me, it’s worth the drive-by.

My elbows have been bruised since I took ownership a year ago. The recessed vanity from wall to wall is 36″ and when you allow for the shelves on either side (which are absolutely necessary because there is not nearly enough vanity or cabinet space), I have a total of 27 1/2″. Turn sideways, you say. Sure. From vanity to the door behind me, I have 26″ of wide open space.

I painted the 1980s oak vanity last summer (2016). Prettier, but cluttered.

Given that my wingspan from elbow to elbow when I’m styling my hair is 29″, I was in quite a jam (see what I did there?). Since it’s likely going to be another year before I have the budget to rehab the MMB, I did the only thing I could to remedy the bruising situation — I removed the door and hung a curtain. Yes. I. Did.

See how the door invades my space?
And here it is without the door
No more bruised elbows!

Now, I know y’all are blessing my heart as you read this because curtains for doors are home fashion blasphemy, but hear me out. It’s temporary. More specifically, it is an inexpensive fix until the toilet cave can be gutted and made right.

The curtain is functional and not the end of the world

Why hang a curtain at all? To block the light that comes through the MMB window (the one with the shelves), lest I toss and turn all night at the hands of the dimmest hint of a stray light particle. I used to close the bathroom door at night to block the light. Now I have a groovy curtain. Can you dig it?

At the vanity, I installed two shelves that were given to me by a friend who had no use for them, and the Langesund mirror from Ikea. I’ve been searching for a round mirror that doesn’t break the bank for a good while, and Ikea wins! The shelves free up a lot of space on the vanity by getting my stuff off the surface, and it looks and feels roomier, which is always a bonus.

Round mirror with a shelf on either side = better (and too cute!)
Shelves help the vanity be a vanity!

So, the Langesund Mirror was $28 (Ikea), the light blocking curtain panel in Charcoal was $10 (Target), the Arrow Cafe Rod was $14 (Target), and the shelves were free from a friend. Grand total: $52.

Although the curtain-in-a-doorway schtick is not the most proper, it works for me as a temporary fix. No more bruised elbows for this girl, not until demo time for the Mad Master Bath…