2017 Komen Race for the Cure was #MoreThanPink!

Each year since my diagnosis, I reflect on what the Komen Race for the Cure means to me. It rolls around soon after my cancerversary, so it’s a good reminder of the sh-t that happened/is happening in my body and to so many others. I usually get sentimental, fearful, hopeful, and a million other ‘-fuls,’ but the first piece I wrote for this post back in March was dark and depressing. I’m glad I held that post and waited for the mood to pass, because I’d much rather share hope with you than what I was feeling a few months ago.

I’m a 4-year survivor!

Still, the bottom line is that 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. One of the Komen organization’s goals is to reduce breast cancer deaths by 50% by 2026. Fifty percent! That is a serious goal for a serious disease, and I have every faith we can do this. To everyone who supports the Komen organization and groups like it, thank you.

By race day, I was feeling more upbeat. Even though I still cried during the survivor celebration, the weeks leading up to and the day of were fun! Fun, because I did a goofy thing (imagine that). To help reach my fundraising goal, I agreed to color my hair pink if I raised $2,000. Well holy Hubba Bubba, Batman, the cash came pouring in!

This is Katelyn. She’s magical.
Katelyn mixed up her potion…
…and did this! #pinktastic

Not only did friends, family, and some folks I don’t even know donate to the cause, one of my hair stylists (yes, I have two because I’m special like that) donated her primo coloring talent to make the pink happen. Can a girl be more blessed than that?

My niece flew in from Chicago to do the walk with me (squee!), so not only did I hit my fundraising goal out of the park with a grand total of $2,715, I also got to share the walk with two of my best lady friends and a little slice of family. I got to keep sister’s daughter here for a few days and spend some girly/family/let’s-eat-at-every-restaurant-in-town time like we’ve never done before. Color me delighted!

The team! I love these ladies!
We walk for hope and to never forget the beautiful souls lost.

Although the walk has been walked, Miss Niece flew back home, and the pink has faded from my hair, the funds raised and the work done toward finding a cure for cancer is indelible. We will cut breast cancer deaths in half by 2026, and we’re just getting started.