A Better (easier) Way to Clean Your Hardwood Floor

I’m fashionably late to this party, but have finally found a way to clean my hardwood floors without breaking the bank…or my back…or my knees.

First, there’s nothing like having a blog to cause one to eat their words. Posting anywhere will do it, right? Having lived in my sweet little condo for years, I swore (and posted) that scrubbing floors on hands and knees was the only way for me. I neither needed nor trusted a 1970s sponge mop to get the job done. I can see Mom clear as day with a bucket of dirty water, pushing that sponge mop across the harvest gold and burnt orange kitchen linoleum. We were so fancy.

Somehow, I skipped the sponge mop thing. Or I’ve blocked it from my memory, because a pair of knee pads, a bucket & rag, and a bottle of Murphy Oil Soap have been my arsenal for years. And that worked well when I had approximately 30 square feet to clean.

I kept that routine at my new place for about a year, but with double the overall square footage and hardwood flooring covering most of it (foyer, hallway, living room, dining room, and kitchen), my knees and back were protesting. After throwing in the cleaning towel and looking at a dirty floor for a few weeks, I did what any self-respecting homeowner would do–I dropped my bucket and went to Target.

My skepticism that I would find something easy, effective, and safe for the hardwoods was high. But you know how Target is (and Costco, for that matter): they have exactly what I’m looking for plus many other things I had no idea I could not live without. Every. Time.

CasaBella Flip & Spray

This time I was laser focused. I found the CasaBella Flip & Spray microfiber spray mop with Method wood floor cleaner. Say it with me: Method wood floor cleaner. Maybe I could loosen my grip on the bottle of Murphy Oil Soap clutched to my chest? And I wouldn’t have to get on hands and knees to clean–super plus! The whole outfit cost $25 (including the bottle of cleaner). Can I get a woot-woot! It has a flippable head, meaning when one side exceeds your dirt limit, flip it to the other side and keep going, and the microfiber cover comes off and goes right in the wash.

CasaBella Flip & Spray with Method Wood Floor Cleaner

Truth be told, I don’t enjoy cleaning my home. Don’t get me wrong, I keep it clean. I love the freshness of it, the tidiness of it, I love everything about a clean home, except the actual cleaning of it. But, as soon as I walked through the door and my purse hit the bench, I had to try this spray mop thing. And I have to say, the flip & spray is life changing. My floors look fantastic and I spent a fraction of the time that I used to with the bucket and rag. The plant based Method wood floor cleaner is almond scented, which means my home smells like fresh-baked almond cookies (pros and cons there). Best of all, I’m not reaching for the Tylenol or elevating my feet afterward.

Just mopped vs dull and dirty. Look at that shine!

Yes, I just wrote a blog post about a mop, but you know I love a deal, and this is the best $25 I’ve spent in a long time. If you do your own housecleaning and have not yet kicked the (mop) bucket, do this little thing for yourself. You’re worth it!