A Beautiful Business

Reaching for the sky! photo credit: Rose + Anchor Photography

This is how I’ve been feeling since July! Seriously!

What happened in July? I started my own business. No, wait. I started MY OWN FREAKING BUSINESS!

Owning a business/being my own boss is something I’ve dreamed of for a long time. I thought being an author would be my business, but the last time I checked, one would have to finish her book to be an author. Hmph.

In the 90s I tried my entrepreneurial hand at a grocery delivery service when not many folks in rural Michigan had internet service, and well, that went nowhere fast. I was taking grocery orders over the phone, shopping, loading my Cavalier, and delivering, all for a 10% commission on orders typically below $100. I hadn’t heard of Peapod and thought my “Grocery Gopher” was the nation’s first delivery service.

Then there was my idea for a professional diaper changing service at shopping malls during the holidays long before drop-in daycare centers were heard of, which are now ubiquitous to strip-malls. So ahead of my time, but no capital or know-how to build a business based on an idea.

Since bringing ideas to fruition wasn’t my thing, I stayed put in the nine-to-five, working for The Man. And I’m still there, except now, 5pm is when the fun begins because I have finally found my calling!

Y’all, I joined a makeup company. Yes I did, and I’m loving it!

Two months of using the product is all it took, and I joined the company. After my cancer diagnosis five years ago, I became more open to opportunities and I’m saying yes to a whole lot more. The contemplating mortality thing really lights a fire to live while you can.

photo credit: Chelsey Slusher

Why this particular company (Maskcara Beauty)? I loved the product. It’s a new take on how we approach makeup and how to enhance our natural beauty. I’ve always worn makeup, but was never good with makeup. Maskcara Beauty changed that. I’m wearing colors like never before, highlighting and contouring like a pro, and it’s E-A-S-Y!

What’s more, it’s paraben-free, gluten-free, and cruelty-free. Oh my heart!

The three things that really pulled me in, and that resonate with the purpose of this little blog —styling life and home on a shoestring budget— are

  1. Everyone is beautiful. Part of our mission statement reads “Maskcara Beauty was founded on the idea that makeup should be used to enhance the true beauty in a woman’s face, rather than covering it up.” Makeup should be fun and help you see your natural beauty!
  2. Streamline your makeup routine. In a word, simplify. Your entire makeup “bag” now fits into one compact. Can I get an Amen? Not only is that a win for counter space and the makeup drawer, but think about what that means for your travel bag. Yeah girl!
  3. Value for your dollar. You’ll likely use less product, and you only refill what you need. No more purchasing an entire palette of eye shadows to get the one or two colors you love. With Maskcara Beauty, you purchase products individually and pop them into your magnetic compact. You customize your compact to suit your individual needs and preferences and shed all the excess baggage. Praise!

In other words, you get the makeup you want without the makeup you don’t want. And you pay for the makeup you want without paying for the makeup you don’t want. Imagine that!

The Bonus

Helping women see their natural beauty. Being a witness to that smile when a client sees herself for the first time in years, or the first in this manner. That is central to the mission of the company, and it makes every makeover I do golden. I absolutely love helping my ladies feel pretty!

What does this mean for the blog? You’ll see a Kelly’s Real Beauty tab where you can learn all the things about Maskcara Beauty and link to my personal shop.

I’ll still show you my decorating shenanigans and diy attempts, but now you’ll also have access to some beauty info. It’s there if you want it. I hope you take a look around, find things that pique your interest, and reach out with any questions.

Cheers, Gorgeous!