Best Travel Makeup, Ever!

Can you travel for a week with nothing but a carry-on and a tote? Would you like to?

Start by paring down your makeup bag. There is some serious bulk and weight in all of those tubes and bottles and jars! How do you not take the essentials, you ask? And let’s face it, once you’re into a beauty routine, it all feels essential at some point, right?

I found not only the perfect travel makeup, but the perfect everyday makeup and the perfect date night makeup…and it’s all the same system!

What if I told you my entire makeup routine fits into one compact. Sister, it’s the truth!

Maskcara Beauty Quad Compact

Maskcara Beauty is cream makeup and decadent powder eye shadows that replace everything you’re currently using.

The light color on the far left is Highlight (it replaces your “foundation”). And that tin, staying magnetically secure in the compact, will last two to three months. It’s $14.

The second tin, the brown color, is Contour. This gives dimension and shape to your face that you didn’t know you had! That tin will last roughly six months. It’s $14.

The third tin is Lip+Cheek color. Just as the name implies, it is used as blush as well as lip color. And there are so many to choose from! Since I have so many colors that I switch out based on my mood or outfit of the day, I haven’t used an entire tin yet (it’s been nine months). It’s $14.

The last tin is my Illuminator. This is a sheer cream that gives a shimmery dewiness along your brow line and at your cheekbones. This is optional, but I can’t seem to leave the house without it. An Illuminator should last roughly one year. It’s $14.

For those who like to carry more…the Double Decker Compact!

Since these tins are sold separately, they’re completely customized to you and you only replace what you need. No more buying entire palettes of makeup just to get the couple of colors you want. And, if you purchase four tins, you receive a magnetized compact free! Seriously!

Blush & Bronzer Brush, Power Powder Brush, 30 Second HAC Brush

As for the brushes, I can barely contain myself! These are just a few shown in the photo above, and I absolutely adore each of them. You can certainly use just one to apply your makeup (you will likely want a separate brush for your eyes), but once you get a taste for these luxurious brushes, I promise you’ll want one of each. And they come with a one year warranty. What’s not to love?

I stumbled upon this makeup entirely by accident, used it for a couple of months and loved it, and then I joined the company! That’s how highly I regard these products. Not only do I use them, I am proud to share them with the world.

The extra bonus, my travel bag just got a whole lot smaller!


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