The Beauty of Style

Beauty and style are by definition different, but the two are so woven together that we often confuse them.

Beauty can be found nearly everywhere. That’s my opinion. And that’s the beauty of beauty—it’s subjective. I see it in the blue of a summer sky, smell it in the scent of a gardenia, and feel beauty in the chaotic excitement of a family gathering. It’s savoring the taste of a favorite food and being awestruck by the setting of the sun. I see sadness, but also beauty in dilapidated buildings and rusting railroad cars.

What I see as beautiful can be entirely different than your idea of beautiful, so who can say that a particular hair style, body shape, or clothing constitutes beauty? Moreover, do any of these things give the person style, or does the beauty of the individual create the style? There is that connectedness, the beauty of style.

There is no denying Audrey Hepburn’s classic, chic style

There are countless people, both known to me and celebrity, that have a style which I admire. There are a handful of icons that have influenced and shaped my own appreciation of style. Of course two current influencers are Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex. The Duchesses are wildly popular, however, while their style is gorgeous and so wonderfully classic, for me they are a reinforcement rather than an influence. Before the Duchesses, there was Diana, Princess of Wales. The Princess took the fashion nonsense of the 80s and 90s and made elegant sense of it, and I adored her.

Jacqueline Kennedy in a look that is a staple today, decades later

But even prior to Diana, two ladies who were at the front lines of chic, classic style were Audrey Hepburn and Jacqueline Kennedy. These ladies exuded confidence through their often understated style in a way that still speaks to my heart today. Whether a formal gown or capris and a tee, these women rocked it! They owned their style like nobody’s business, and I wish that for every woman, no matter what you wear.

Iris Apfel, mesmerizing

Admittedly, I had my Madonna phase, but personally, I still gravitate toward the Audrey/Jackie template today. Am I contained there? Of course not! I am in awe of the polar opposite—the bold, unapologetic fun of Iris Apfel. While I probably won’t be sporting a feathered mumu or bangles to my elbow any time soon, I wonder what it feels like to have that kind of fashion moxy. Because, after all, I see beauty in all of it.

Beauty and style are interlaced, and although we sometimes need help finding ours–some style inspiration or perhaps a reminder of how beautiful we are–those two are right there together, beauty and style, Besties Forever, just waiting for us to drop in.

If you’ve forgotten how gorgeous you are, or if you have misplaced your style, find it. Enlist the help of a professional stylist if that’s what it takes, because it’s there, and you are so worth it!

Cheers, Gorgeous!