Quip: Best Home & Travel Toothbrush

EGADS! I made a mistake–I do have an affiliate link to this product on Amazon (I totally forgot) so this is technically an #ad! Disregard my original words: This is neither an ad nor an affiliate link; I am really this excited about my Quip toothbrush. (you can find yours at my Amazon store)

Imagine having an electric toothbrush nearly the size of a hammer in a charging stand on your vanity. Imagine it needs to be plugged in to keep a charge, meaning you’ve just lost one outlet in your bathroom. Now you’re traveling and your choices are to find space in your luggage for the hammer and its charger or switch to a manual brush for the duration of your vacation. And we all know what that feels like, right?

Most of us don’t have to imagine because we’re living it. Well, forget all that because I found the Quip toothbrush on an airplane…actually in Southwest: The Magazine. Yes, it’s gross to touch anything on a plane, but I have to read the magazines. I’m that person. This next thing I’m telling you in a hushed tone: I love looking at SkyMall too. I know, right?

Anywho, I saw an ad for the Quip toothbrush and was taken with the sleek style and the fact that it doesn’t need a base. Raise of hands folks, how many of you have an electric toothbrush that you plug into the wall? Some tough love here–you’re carrying a WalkMan in an earbud world. Seriously.

So when I saw Quip in all its mod, minimalist glory, I was in! It’s battery operated, quiet, and the holder adheres to my bathroom mirror. My vanity has one less tool on it and there’s nothing to plug in. I can remove the holder from my mirror and that becomes the travel case. What? Yes! I do week-long vacations with nothing but a carryon, and now I can bring my everyday toothbrush along. Did I mention it costs $25, $40, or $55 depending on the style you choose? It gets even better: For $5 per quarter, the nice folks at Quip mail me a replacement head and battery. Pinch me!

Best for last: After using my Quip toothbrush for months, my dentist said my teeth and gums look great–no change from the prior biannual checkup. Slam. Dunk. I do love a clean mouth AND a less cluttered bathroom vanity. Now I can have both!