Really Facebook, do we need another dating app?

In a perfect world, this is what online dating would look like.

Do we really need another dating app? I typed “dating” into my app store and here is a sampling of what popped up:

OkCupid, Hinge, Cougar, Bumble, Hily, Loveplanet, Kinkoo, POF Dating, Curvy Singles Dating, Clover Dating App, Tinder, Match, Adult Affair Finder, Zoosk, Badoo, Hud, Gaper, Christian Dating, Coffee Meets Bagel, Hookup App, DateMyAge, and this is not the complete list!

Clearly, some of these apps are not actually for dating in the sense that many of us define the word. And let me be very clear: I am neither endorsing nor advocating any of these apps or services. If you’re in the market, you need to do your own research. And then research more.

With the dating app market appearing to be saturated, do we really need another dating app? It seems Facebook wants to be everywhere, but with its data privacy issues, data breaches, Cambridge Analytica scandal, violation of Apple policies, and data-sharing issues, is it really a wise move to get even more personal with Facebook?

Well, maybe. So far, most dating apps leave the matching up to the users. Meaning, you choose your potential date based on a photo and a brief bio which, if you’ve ever dipped your toes into that pool, you know both can be, and often are, completely bogus. Had this article from Oprahmag been written decades earlier, I might have had a different experience!


Facebook Dating (which requires an opt in) will match people based on geography and shared interests, events, and groups. Users can unlock specific Facebook Groups they’re in and events to which they have RSVPd. So this actually sounds a little, teeny-tiny bit more authentic.

There’s still plenty of room for manipulating the system. Does Facebook verify your claimed home base (geographic location)? Certainly someone could RSVP to multiple events (and not attend) only to impress a specific target market. Right? And with all the hacking of accounts that goes on, it’s clear there are people who have nothing better to do than entertain themselves with these kinds of shenanigans.

Do I sound skeptical, maybe even biased? Well, after years of online dating (many years ago) and meeting date, after date, after date who neither looked nor behaved even remotely close to their stated claims, I washed my hands of it. The saying, “it only takes a few to ruin it for everyone” doesn’t seem adequate. In my experience, the majority ruined it for the genuine few. But contrary to my experience (which really should be a book, imho) data shows that online dating is largely successful. If anything, it certainly is popular.

Will Facebook add value to the situation? We’ll see. I’ll pop a bag of popcorn and watch the show from my sofa…on Facebook!