5 Makeup Tips for Women Over 40

Here are 5 makeup tips for women over 40 that will have you glowing! It’s no secret that as we get older our skin becomes more complicated. When we hear “problem skin,” we think of our teen face speckled with acne. True, that was no fun, but it was usually straight-forward oily skin with hormonal acne.

Now that you’re over 40, your skin has changed, hasn’t it? You likely have dry skin, or if you were oily most of your life you now have normal skin. But whether you’re dry or normal, you probably also have dry patches. You might have texture, fine lines, deep wrinkles, or pigmentation. Oh, and you possibly still have acne.

Not to worry, there are a few things we can do to keep our mature skin healthy and looking beautiful, and these 5 makeup tips for women over 40 are easy-breezy!

Choose Cream over Lotion

First and foremost, moisturize well. And when I say well, I mean with a cream and not a lotion. There is a difference. Many lotions contain alcohol, which actually can dry your skin. There are some good fatty alcohols (cetyl and stearyl, to name a couple) so reading labels is important. Creams penetrate the skin and provide a barrier that prevents moisture loss more effectively than lotion.

my every night, night cream

Since I began using a moisturizing cream rather than lotion, my skin has balanced. I mean for the first time in my life! Among the ingredients in my fave SEINT Creme are cultured skim milk, jojoba oil, extra virgin olive oil, and honey. My skin is clear (honey is a natural anti-bacterial, so bye bye acne) and without dry patches, which makes for much smoother makeup application.

Cream Makeup is Everything

While we’re on the subject of creams, switch to a cream makeup for even more luxurious pampering of your skin…all day long! Liquid and powder foundations can be drying, they can crack and even settle into your fine lines and accentuate them.

cream makeup is where the magic happens

Cream makeup does not soak in like liquids or settle like powders, but instead will sit on top of your skin so you can achieve a smoother finish. It also helps keep your skin moisturized which is life to your mature skin!

Contour to Your Advantage

You might think contouring is for the professionals. Well, you’ll be surprised to learn that contouring is pretty darn easy! Contour is typically a shade of brown, usually in an ash tone, that is used to create shadow in key areas of the face, and all manner of trickery can be done with contour. To slim a full face: add shadow beneath your cheek bones for a more narrow and chiseled look. To plump your lower lip: add shadow just beneath the lower lip to create the look of a pout. To define your jawline: you guessed it, add some shadow with your contour and create the illusion of a jawline. You can even contour your nose. Who knew?

Focus on the Center

No matter what type of makeup you use, adding a lighter shade to specific areas will draw the focus to the center of your face. The key areas are between the brows, down the center of the nose, beneath the eyes, and the chin. By bringing brightness to the center of your face, you’ll create an undeniable, youthful glow.

Love Your Brows

Your eyebrows are the finishing touch to frame your face. As we age, our eyebrows can thin much like the hair on our head. Our brows can also go gray. The nerve! Not to worry, there are many ways to put your best brow forward. At the high end, you can have your brows tattooed or microbladed. If you choose this route, be sure to do your research and then research some more. These are permanent procedures that, if not done correctly, can leave you in a fix because they are difficult to have reversed. You can have your brows professionally tinted, and there are kits on the market that include pens or pencils for filling in, pomade and gel, and spooly brushes. Let’s not forget the tried and true brow pencils, and my favorite–applying a brown eyeshadow to my brows with an angled brush. I do love a multi-use product.

At the end of the day, even though I would rather not roll out the welcome mat for wrinkles and age spots, I do believe (as cliche as it sounds) that we women are like fine wine. I am kinder, smarter, stronger, and more beautiful than I have ever been. And guess what, so are you!


I am an independent SEINT Beauty Artist and receive commission on direct sales of SEINT products. To learn more, contact me at Kelly@KellyGropp.com.