Documentaries on Netflix

Get your snacks ready!

I’m not a cold-weather being, so without fail when winter sets in I watch. These documentaries on Netflix are what I liked, and if it’s not on my list, either I didn’t see it or I didn’t like it. There’s no point in trash talking films I didn’t like when it’s mostly subjective anyway, right? Right.

After pulling this together, I’m surprised at how many documentaries on Netflix I’ve watched over the past few months. And it’s been a mild winter! It’s a long list, so I organized them in categories. You’re welcome!


Forks Over Knives – Is it possible that a plant-based diet can eliminate diseases like cancer and diabetes? FOK makes a compelling argument. With this film and info from a vegan friend, I was so moved that I tried a vegan diet for a couple of weeks. That blog post is coming soon!
The Pharmacist – We’re all aware of the blood on the hands of big pharma in regards to the opioid epidemic. The tenacity of a pharmacist driven by personal tragedy and the level of corruption he uncovers would be unbelievable if it weren’t true.


American Factory – Watch the cultural differences emerge as a Chinese billionaire opens a factory in a shuttered GM plant in Ohio. I felt the documentarians allowed this film go where the story took them and it was made without underlying bias.
Broken – E1: Makeup Mayhem. Who’s to blame for the booming knock-off cosmetic industry and the health risks it brings? E2: Big Vape. Has Big Tobacco done with vaping exactly what they did with tobacco in the 1960s, and how much damage has already been done? E3: Deadly Dressers. What’s the real price of an IKEA dresser? Forests, ecosystems, human life? E4: Recycling Sham. Are you doing your part to save the planet? Maybe not, because recycling isn’t what you might think.
Inside Bill’s Brain <Decoding Bill Gates> – Personally, I’m fascinated by extremely intelligent or gifted people. I mean, what in the world? How do people get so dang smart? I could watch this one a few times.
Diana: 7 Days That Shook the World – Even if you remember vividly the night Diana died, you might be surprised, and even touched, to learn some of the details of the week following her death. Spoiler: I cried like a baby as though I were back in 1997.


The Great Hack – Do you own your personal data? Did Cambridge Analytica and social media play a role in the 2016 presidential election? Those questions are explored in this film.
The Family – A conservative Christian group wields strong influence in DC…beyond what we know and what you might suspect.


Miss Americana – Love her or hate her, Taylor Swift is part of American culture. See her creative song writing process and the influence she wields.
Cheer – If you or your child has been on a cheer squad, you know. If you haven’t been in this world, you might be shocked to learn what these cheerleaders risk and endure for the sake of competition.
Abstract: The Art of Design (2 seasons) – The most upbeat of all the shows listed here, this one has my heart. I found this series to be a celebration of all that is creative, style, and design from cars to fonts to architecture and more. Again, I am fascinated by brilliant minds.
Echo in the Canyon – You know I love a music documentary! On my must-see list are 20 Feet from Stardom (2013) and Muscle Shoals (2013), but I’ve given you those before. Echo in the Canyon premiered in L.A. in 2018, and was recently released on Netflix. Hosted by Jakob Dylan, it gives a unique look at the music created in Laurel Canyon between 1965-1967. Some of the musicians interviewed include David Crosby, Eric Clapton, and Michelle Phillips, just to name a few. This one I will watch again!

If you enjoy documentaries even a little bit, you should find something worth watching here. While American Factory and Broken were not created for entertainment, I highly recommend both–they were eye-opening and informative on topics that deserve much more thought and attention. And after those, definitely watch all the music!

Happy Winter Netflixing!