Pay it Forward

Those who subscribe to my monthly email already received this information, so please pardon the duplication. But I want to reach as many people as possible so we can give some money away.

That’s right–I’m giving money away!

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected us all and in different ways. I am fortunate to be in good health and have a full-time job, and to pay it forward, from April through September each month I want to donate $250 of my Maskcara commission to a non-profit organization. It started last month when I had the idea to donate to Carroll’s Kitchen, a take-out restaurant in Raleigh that employs women overcoming crisis situations.

So in April, a group of ladies rallied to help Carroll’s Kitchen, and we were able to donate that $250 to this incredible organization. That group of ladies was my amazing clients! I set a sales goal so that I could donate the cash, and y’all came through like gangbusters! I am so thankful for your support in this giving adventure!

This is how it works: each month $1,000 in sales = a donation of $250, and by September we will have donated $1,500 to organizations helping people who need it now more than ever.

Don’t worry, I’m not asking you to buy a bunch of makeup every month. Of course if you want or need something (like a shade darker for summer), please order, but there are other ways you can help me reach that monthly goal.

1. Host an online party or makeup class — You can earn free makeup, and the sales will help reach that $250 donation. If you want to host a Facebook party or a Zoom makeup class (you invite the guests and I do all the work!), email and I will reach out to you.

2. Referrals — Share Maskcara with your friends and family just by referring them to me — a referral is one of the highest compliments I can receive! And it doesn’t have to be the entire makeup system. Maybe someone would love Maskcara brushes, a compact of eyeshadows, or the Milk skincare products. There really is something for everyone! If you want make a referral, email and I can set up your personal party link so that you can earn free makeup!

3. Host a Post – I attached seven graphics to the end of this blog post. Save these to your phone and post them in the order numbered to your Instagram feed or stories. Tag me in your post (@RealBeautyByKelly) and include my Maskcara link in your Instagram bio ( You can do the same on Facebook–post the graphics, tag me, and include my link in your post. Again, I can set up your personal party link so you can earn free makeup!

4. Share on Social Media – Post a picture of your makeup, your own before & after, a video or Boomerang of your compact or brushes, and share how much you love your Maskcara! Tag me in your post and include my link to send people my way (

With so many people experiencing hardship during the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a great opportunity to help. The organization for May is CASA, a non-profit affordable housing property manager serving veterans, families, and individuals living with disability. Tenants pay 30% of their income, leaving money for transportation, health care, and emergency savings. Click here to shop the CASA Party Link.

As always, I appreciate you and thank you for your support. You are amazing, and I am grateful to have you in my life! I hope to hear from you so that we can donate $250 every month for the next five months! Let me know what questions you have and if there is anything that I can help you with.


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