6 Nonprofits in 6 Months – APRIL

6 Nonprofits in 6 Months

You and I started something in April–your Maskcara purchases have allowed me to donate up to $250 to a nonprofit each month, and I’m going to continue this for 6 months! See this post for all the deets.

April Nonprofit

The nonprofit for the month of April was Carroll’s Kitchen. This grab & go eatery is more than just a meal. Carroll’s Kitchen is “a nonprofit social enterprise restaurant creating healthy employment for women overcoming crisis” in downtown Raleigh. Their success rate is incredible. Learn more about the great work they are doing and their Restorative Employment Model here.

A nonprofit social enterprise restaurant employing women overcoming crisis

How You Helped

In April, y’all showed up like BOSSES and made this happen! I was able to donate $250 to this incredible group of women all because of YOU, and I THANK YOU! Keep the good vibes going–please share this with anyone who might like to feel even more beautiful with Maskcara’s customized, one-compact makeup system. Let’s not keep this a secret!


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