When You Sleep Late

First, is beauty sleep even a thing? Yep! Getting enough sleep can affect your skin in multiple ways. Here’s a WebMD slideshow that goes more into that and a VPM article that gets sciency about it. But, what to do when you’ve slept late. We’ve all done it, right? You accidentally extend your 7-9 hours and wake up to realize the alarm went off an hour ago. Yikes! Don’t stress and don’t break a leg getting out the door. Here are a few tips on what to do when you sleep late.

First, if this happens on a regular basis, you should talk to your doctor. I am not here to give medical advice–I’m just a girl who occasionally oversleeps! There are many sleep disorders that need medical diagnosis and attention, so please keep up with your physician. When you sleep late occasionally, be sure you’re going to bed early enough, stop caffeine early in the day, have a comfy bed and pillow, make your room dark enough, and regulate the temperature as best you can.

But what to do the actual morning of oversleeping? Here are a few tips to help your day improve rather than plunge:

Stay Calm and Center Yourself

When you wake up and realize you’re already running late, take 15-30 seconds to breathe deeply and remind yourself that, although not ideal, it is probably not the end of the world. Also, you can’t get back the time, so try not to dwell on what you cannot change. Find your inner calm, then get moving.


Notify your team or manager that you are running late and give them an ETA if possible. They will appreciate the heads-up, and they’ll know that you’re actually on your way.


Yes, even when you’re late, you need to eat. Whether you grab an apple or banana, a breakfast bar, or peanut butter and a spoon, you need something to fuel your body and mind just as you do any other day. Now is not the time to deprive yourself of food.

Be Efficient and Safe

You’ll need to be efficient, but not Speed Racer, okay? Get yourself pulled together quickly, but don’t trip yourself doing so. Also, DO NOT drive like a crazy person. If you have an hour commute, how much time will you save by speeding? Maybe 5 minutes? It’s not worth it, and you could do more than harm yourself–you are not the only one on the road. I mean it. Do not speed because you’re late. Period.

Take a Beat

Whether you’re driving or on public transportation, as you get closer to arriving, do your calming breaths again and center yourself in your mind. Walk through the doors as your usual self, not harried and tense. Be courteous and apologize to those who were waiting for you, and then move on. No dwelling, just positive, forward momentum.

Working from Home

Get out of bed and get to work! Okay, I’m being a bit funny (or not). But other than the commute, the same advice applies. Take a minute to breathe, grab a bite, consider whether you will be visible or not when you log on and dress accordingly, and move on with your day.

The upside to when you sleep late: that great sleep will help your skin look all healthy-glowy!