Maximize Your Vertical Space

Raise your hand if you need more space. Me too! Here’s how you can maximize your vertical space in any room – I did my laundry room because, well, it needed something. My laundry room is 36 sf. with 6 sf. of that being a small recessed area where the previous owner had a rod to hang clothes. Nothing wrong with that, but it was definitely not the way to maximize vertical space. Here’s what I did in that little nook.

proud diy lady in front of shelves with canvas bins
pretty pleased with myself!

Figuring square feet makes my math-resistant head hurt, so these numbers are approximate. I realize 36 sf. for a laundry room is larger than some closet laundry areas, but that 9 foot tall tower of nothing was begging me to take on the challenge. You know it kept me awake at night, right?

My first idea was a wood shelf the full depth of the recess, hinged so that I could flip it up to access the panel in one wall of the nook. Above that a rod for hanging clothes, and maybe another shelf across the top. Not ideal, but better than nothing.

square stainless steel rolling table with shelf at bottom
Helpful, but not quite enough

Another idea was a rolling table to sit in the nook and roll out if necessary. But finding one that (1) was open on the bottom so I could use the floor space beneath, and (2) wasn’t commercial kitchen grade priced accordingly was tougher than I thought. Have y’all seen the prices on commercial kitchen stuff? Yikes!

Then I was in The Container Store and saw their closet displays. And I got to thinking…I could use just one component of that closet in my laundry room. One virtual consult later with Jenna and I was good to go! She double checked measurements with me and made sure the hanging brackets stayed above the access panel, so if I ever need to see the backside of my water heater, I can. There’s easier access at the front, but who am I to block unnecessary access? Anywho, this is how she looks now…isn’t she lovely, isn’t she wonderful?!

top half of vertical space with hanging shelves and bins
hanging shelf system from
The Container Store
bottom half of vertical space with tall items placed upright on floor beneath the lowest shelf
wicker laundry basket from Walmart
canvas bin from Walmart with hand crafted tag
a closer look at the canvas bins (Walmart)
and the cute little tags hand crafted by yours truly

I gained so much space by looking up! So the next time you’re feeling short on storage, this is one way to maximize your vertical space.