Maximize Your Vertical Space

Raise your hand if you need more space. Me too! Here’s how you can maximize your vertical space in any room – I did my laundry room because, well, it needed something. My laundry room is 36 sf. with 6 sf. of that being a small recessed area where the previous owner had a rod to hang clothes. Nothing wrong with that, but it was definitely not the way to maximize vertical space. Here’s what I did in that little nook.

proud diy lady in front of shelves with canvas bins
pretty pleased with myself!
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Reduce Plastic with Your Soap

Want to reduce the amount of plastic you bring into your home and put into the environment? I’ve found a few products that fit the bill, and one of them helps you reduce plastic with your soap. Yep, foaming hand soap tablets that are packaged in paper and shipped in cardboard. Did I mention the reusable dispenser is glass? Can I get a woot woot!

reusable glass dispenser with soap tabs packaged in paper
fill your reusable glass dispenser with hot water and drop in a tab
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I stopped using toothpaste!

I stopped using toothpaste, and I’ll bet your reaction is “ew!” Amiright? Let me clear this up quickly: I stopped using toothpaste, but I am still brushing my teeth. Whew! Instead of toothpaste as we know it (in the tube), I now use toothpaste bits. They look like little mints–how fun is that?

Why? Because over one billion (yes, with a B) plastic toothpaste tubes end up in landfills and oceans each year. That is why I stopped using toothpaste as we know it.

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When You Sleep Late

First, is beauty sleep even a thing? Yep! Getting enough sleep can affect your skin in multiple ways. Here’s a WebMD slideshow that goes more into that and a VPM article that gets sciency about it. But, what to do when you’ve slept late. We’ve all done it, right? You accidentally extend your 7-9 hours and wake up to realize the alarm went off an hour ago. Yikes! Don’t stress and don’t break a leg getting out the door. Here are a few tips on what to do when you sleep late.

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Coping with a Cancer Scare and Covid Anxiety

Kelly is a writer, animal lover, makeup enthusiast and a cancer survivor.

Well, let’s add coping with a cancer scare and Covid anxiety simultaneously to my list of talents. Last week I had my annual oncology visit. I found a lump about a week before the appointment, and my HCP took one look and scheduled a mammogram and ultrasound. This was on a Friday and the tests were scheduled for Monday. My doc was not messing around. Combined with my mild Covid fear, that made for an anxious weekend.

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Aluminum Free Deodorant Comparisons

The debate over aluminum being connected to Alzheimer’s disease and to breast cancer continues. Studies have suggested both, and both have been discredited. Regardless, many have kicked aluminum to the curb, just in case. I did, and now I’ve done some aluminum free deodorant comparisons!

Aluminum free deodorants. Native, Love Beauty and Planet, Arm & Hammer Essentials, Spit and Polish

I don’t want to be that TMI girl, but here we are talking about deodorant, so what do you think is going to happen? As a breast cancer survivor and having a family history of dementia, I want to err on the side of caution so I’ve done some aluminum free deodorant comparisons. Plus, I have the most active sweat glands I’ve ever met.

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6 Nonprofits in 6 Months – JUNE

6 Nonprofits in 6 Months

Since April, you and my Maskcara business have allowed me to donate up to $250 to a different nonprofit each month, and I plan to continue through September. That is 6 nonprofits in 6 months! See this post for all the details.

June Nonprofit

We had some fun on Facebook and voted for the June nonprofit! The organization y’all chose for June was Black Girls Code.

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How to get the best SEINT color match

So you want to try that gorgeous cream makeup that will transform the way you think about beauty. The makeup that works beautifully with every skin type. The makeup that moves with your skin instead of doing the “dry and crack” or “oil and pool” maneuvers. The makeup that is customized to you and puts your entire face in one compact, 5 minutes. Yeah, that makeup.

But how do you know what shade to choose?
Easy: let me choose for you!

That’s right, when you complete my 2-minute Color Match Quiz and upload your makeup-free selfie, I will email your SEINT color match to you within 24-48 hours! Read on for a few selfie-taking guidelines.

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3 Ways to Use a Rolling Utility Cart

The ubiquitous rolling utility cart. We love them, but we sometimes wonder what to do with them, amiright? Here are 3 ways to use a rolling utility cart that work great in my home and just might in yours too.

First, let’s briefly discuss where you can purchase a utility cart: just about anywhere. The carts shown in this post came from IKEA and from Michaels. They’re at Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Wayfair, World Market, Walmart, Office Depot, you get the idea. They’re everywhere, so there must be something to this trend!

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