Coping with a Cancer Scare and Covid Anxiety

Kelly is a writer, animal lover, makeup enthusiast and a cancer survivor.

Well, let’s add coping with a cancer scare and Covid anxiety simultaneously to my list of talents. Last week I had my annual oncology visit. I found a lump about a week before the appointment, and my HCP took one look and scheduled a mammogram and ultrasound. This was on a Friday and the tests were scheduled for Monday. My doc was not messing around. Combined with my mild Covid fear, that made for an anxious weekend.

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Making Lists to Ease Anxiety

Surprisingly, one of the simplest actions that can help ease anxiety is making a list. Yes! Apparently making lists to ease anxiety has been around for a long time. I’ve always been a list kind of person–it was a necessity in coping with A.D.D. I’m getting off track a bit, but often women with A.D.D. are hyper-organized because from a young age we learn that is how we can function. I was diagnosed in my 40s, but have been meticulously organized since I was a child. Makes sense.

Back to the lists. There are several types of lists that can be helpful in dealing with anxiety. I’ll touch on two that I use on a regular basis and give you links to other resources and articles discussing the benefits of lists. Ready?

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