5 Signs Your Kitchen Needs a Facelift, and a Few Easy Fixes

We all know that feeling of walking into a room and wanting to rearrange the furniture, accessorize, or do an about-face and march right back out. Well, I know that feeling–this blog wouldn’t exist if I didn’t have the urge to paint a room or swap out furniture every couple of months! But sometimes the need is real. Like when things aren’t functioning well, or when a room feels…depressed.

That describes the state of my kitchen when I bought my darling little home a year ago. While it was beloved to someone, we all have our own slice of style, and peachy walls with orange/salmon counter tops are not my [apricot] jam. Ha! And it’s more than color that seems amiss.

Dark cabinets, peachy walls, and salmon granite were in cahoots when I moved in. But I have a plan!

If you and your kitchen are indifferent at best, these five easy-to-fix items might be the key to renewing your zest for the mess[hall]–I can’t stop myself!

1. Wall color. Maybe you never liked the color, or you were into the color but your style has moved in another direction, or you love the color but it’s become a bit dull from years of kitchening.

You’re in luck! This is an easy-peasy fix. If you’re a woman or man after my own heart and are not afraid to throw down a drop cloth and roll out a wall, all that’s left is to choose a color. Even if you’ve never painted a room before, it’s fairly simple to try your hand at one wall, just to give it a go. If you’re nervous about cutting in (painting a steady stroke along the baseboard or ceiling), go ahead and use some blue tape to be sure you don’t get your Sherwin Williams Sea Salt or Benjamin Moore Seattle Mist all over your crisp white baseboards or ceiling.

If it’s been established that a painter you are not, hire one. Prices vary, and I recommend checking reviews and asking for recommendations.

Lastly, if you love the color you have, but it’s looking tired, give your walls an old fashioned washing. Yes, it’s not something only your grandmother did; people still wash their walls! Dust first, then use warm soapy water. It’s true because it’s on the internet right here.

2. Your Dinnerware is Hiding. Love your dinnerware but the only time you see it is beneath a pool of steak juice?

Install shelves to display your favorite pieces and enjoy them every day. If you have a large collection of dinnerware, rotate your display with the seasons…or whenever you choose.

You can also swap out a cabinet door with a glass door, or even better (imho), remove the doors from your upper cabinets entirely. That’s my plan, Stan. You’ll need to fill the holes where the hardware was attached with wood filler, and depending upon what material your cabinets are made from, you can lightly sand, prime, and paint. Your kitchen will become a whole new world!

The kitchen cabinets are high quality. They are also dark and hiding my pretty dinnerware and handmade pottery.
See what I mean? The plan is to remove the doors and paint the cabinet to showcase what’s inside.

3. Things are Broken/Don’t Work Properly. This is a sneaky one. When one little thing malfunctions, you might think it’s no big deal and you live with it. And then another little thing goes, and so on. Before you know it, you’re camp-site improvising every time you make a meal. One of my lower cabinet doors has come unhinged. Every time I close the cabinet door, I have to lift and push. It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but once a little annoyance like that is fixed, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t corrected it years ago. So schedule some time to give all those little creaks, rattles, and loosey-goosies the attention they need.

4. Your Inspiration Photo and Your True Photo are a World Apart. Are your Pinterest boards filled with inspiration? Filled with rooms so beautiful they make your eyes hurt? They are so beautiful, in fact, that you never even attempt to replicate such perfection. Am I right? I’ve done this to myself plenty, but every now and then I get the courage to give it a whirl. Sometimes Pinterest’s “simple solution” turns to a big pile of poo, and I call those learning experiences. My point is, you’ll never know if you don’t try. Pinterest or bust! Pull out an inspiration photo and make it happen, or at least your version of it.

One of my many inspiration photos for the dine-in kitchen area. Yes, I just drooled a little…
And here’s real life. I’ve only begun to work on this little space, but painting the peachy walls to cream has already lifted my spirits! Much more work to be done, but I’m taking one task at a time.

5. The Room is Not Your Happy Place. Your home, whether it be owned or rented, is your home. It should spark delight and contentment. If you walk into a room and it does nothing positive for your mood, or worse, it brings you down, re-read each of the above. Something is amiss. Why not repair, paint, (always check with landlord first), clean, give general TLC, and enjoy your home rather than spend another minute wishing you lived somewhere else? It’s your home, and you should love it!

I have some great DIY ideas for my kitchen. Although the granite is not a color I would choose, it is high-quality, so I can’t justify removing it. I’m not going to cover the granite, but rather work with everything around it to tone it down. Give me a follow, and stay tuned!