The Mysterious Draw of Castle

I love when I have a eureka moment!  In 2009 I started watching a new series, Castle.  I was undecided for a couple of episodes because I typically have a problem with the implausible (although I’m a huge Walking Dead fan…go figure).  Castle is a mystery novelist granted permission to tag along with NYPD to crime scenes in the name of story research.  A bit unrealistic.  In my mind anyway.  But something held me – I kept watching.  Not religiously, but I’ve probably watched two-thirds of the five seasons.

Also, I’ve never been a fan of cop shows.  Never watched any of the CSIs, not Hill Street Blues, not even Miami Vice.  Okay, probably an episode or two of Vice in ’84.  I beg your forgiveness.  But you get the picture – cop shows are not my thing.

So why have I been so hooked on Castle?  Last night, mid-repeat episode, it hit me.  There are five female characters in the show:  Detective Beckett, Martha (Castle’s Mom), Alexis (Castle’s daughter),  Lanie (medical examiner), and Captain Gates (a/k/a Sir).  Every single one of these female characters is a positive, intelligent, strong woman.  Every one of them.  Bingo!

But there’s more.  Although the three male characters are sometimes portrayed in a school-boyish light, they’re credited with their fair share of acumen and crime solving savvy.  Further, the men are not portrayed as nitwits in order for the women to shine like I see in King of Queens and Everybody Loves Raymond.  What’s the point of having a strong female character if she has to belittle the male characters to achieve said status?  It’s cheap.  And the message to young viewers about men, women, and relationships in these shows is abysmal.

So, all that to say “Go Castle!” and every character in the show – smart and strong women and men alike.  If you haven’t checked it out, give it a try.  In spite of having to suspend your disbelief just a tad and the sometimes predictable banter, it’s well-written, witty, and has an awesome cast.  Let me just say Nathan Fillion.  Stana Katic.  Susan Sullivan.  Boom!  Monday at 10pm on ABC or