Sad Eyes

That title takes me back to the┬áRobert John song from my teen days! I played that record and sang along as though I had recorded it myself. I’m sure I had very sad eyes while singing it. Ha!

The sad eyes I get these days are of a different type. Every morning, this is what I deal with as I’m getting ready for work.

Seriously. It’s the “wouldn’t you rather stay home and play?” look. Why yes. Yes I would. Let me just become independently wealthy and we’ll play tug all day! It breaks my heart to leave the house, and this is my furbaby. My hat’s off to the Moms and Dads out there who have to endure sad faces from actual children who can also talk. Yikes. How do you get out the door?

So I’ve been thinking about taking Grace to a doggie daycare maybe one day a week. The perks (assuming she likes doggie daycare):

  • Grace will be out of her crate and exercised (it has been said time and again that a tired pup is a happy pup)
  • She’ll get some play time and socialization with other dogs (which she loves but is a rarity)
  • Will maybe help with her mild separation anxiety
  • One less morning-o-guilt for me

The downside:

  • I’ll worry myself sick every minute she’s with people who are not me (it even sounds scary)

Have you used a doggie daycare? Did your pooch have a good experience and benefit from it? I’m going to start checking out a few facilities and will let you know what comes of it – whether I can actually drop her off or if I speed away with her still in the car, never to return.