One Room at a Time – Entry

A couple of months ago I painted my white entry door black.  I painted the inside because I live in a condo and HOA rules don’t allow me to paint the outside.  That was the beginning of giving the entry a face lift.  Since then I’ve been distracted by other projects (living room, organizing, wrote & submitted three articles in hopes to be a paid contributor to Apartment Therapy but didn’t get the gig – boo!) and just plain living life (seeing all the Oscar nominated films before the Oscars) and having fun (ran my first 5K!).  Surprised?  Didn’t think so.

Before I get too far off topic, back to the entry.  I was doing some thrift store shopping with a friend a few weeks back and happened upon this awesome mirror.

A steal at $20!
I was almost sold on this one until I found the other hiding behind it.
Love this table, but don’t have space for it.
I’d paint it peacock blue or a rich, buttery yellow.

I didn’t care for the dark wood, but knew I could do something to make this mirror look bright and cheery.  First it hung out in my car for about a week, and then it had a very special spot leaning against the wall for a couple more weeks.  Miss Mirror got her lucky break today when I had a snow day – office closed due to winter storm Pax – so out came the paint.

I checked the closet and found some leftover Skylight by Pantone.  I painted a curio cabinet that color in the master bedroom and loved it.  I did not love it against the gray wall in the living room.

SO, I dug in the closet a little further and pulled out some leftover white latex satin wall & trim.  My guess is it froze at some point because it had the consistency of cottage cheese.  Back to the closet again.  I pulled out a can with no label but magic marker that read “trim.”  It was from the builder when I bought my condo almost 9 years ago.  I painted, and it was good!

I did three coats to be sure the Skylight wasn’t showing through, and it turned out great.  I like that there are flaws and it doesn’t look brand new.

Imperfections are perfect!

Oh, I almost forgot, a couple of months ago I went table shopping on my lunch break and found this little cutie.  Because the entry is a tiny space, I need the table to be shallow.  Just somewhere to put my keys when I walk in.  This one fits the bill with a depth of only 10 1/4″.

Here it is all put together.  Looks great, doesn’t it?

Now I can check myself on my way out and toss my keys on my way in.
No excuses for bad hair days or lost keys. Ha!

It turned out to be a pretty darn productive snow day:

  • Walked a mile to pick up my car – that’s a whole other wintry story
  • Shoveled the walk with a dustpan
  • Made a pot of chili (a must-have on a snow day)
  • Painted the mirror which finally finished off the entry

Can I get an Amen?  What do you do on your snow days (if you get them)?  What would you do if you ever had one?