A Closer Look at the Kitchen Faucet

Let’s drill down on the kitchen upgrade (that post here), and take a closer look at the kitchen faucet. The granite counter top and the subway tile back splash are beautiful, but the most functional upgrade is the huge sink and faucet. My kitchen life is infinitely easier because of those two items.

The faucet I chose is the Izak Single-Handle Pull-Down Sprayer Kitchen Faucet by Delta. Two contractors suggested I choose a Delta faucet simply because they are the easiest and best to work with when getting replacement parts. I am always, okay–usually, happy to listen to the experts, so Delta it was. The price tag on this one was $178 at The Home Depot. That stings a bit, but this is a functioning piece of my home that I use every day, so I’m okay with splurging. I say splurge, but the Depot has faucets over $500, so I guess I’m a cheap date.

The Izak comes with a lifetime limited warranty on parts and finish defects. I love the pull-down feature and have used that pretty much every day. There is also a button on the faucet head that switches it from a full stream to wide spray. The best part is the fact that it is magnetized so the wand stays in place when not in use. Delta has a very fancy name for this: MagnaTile docking. There’s the work of a marketing department that causes a $50 faucet to be $178.

But more about the magnetic docking. I spent Thanksgiving with some friends who recently had their kitchen done, and they suggested the magnetic catch. I hadn’t thought of it, but once they said it, I thought of the spray wand in our kitchen at work that is clearly not magnetized. Check it out. This is what happens when your pull-down faucet is not magnetized. Droopy, dangling wand. Egads.

Kitchen faucet not magnetized and drooping
Kitchen faucet at work. Not magnetized and droopy.

Here’s the Delta Izak Single-Handle Pull-Down Sprayer Kitchen Faucet with the MagnaTile docking so it doesn’t ever droop or dangle.

Delta Izak Pulldown Kitchen Faucet
Delta Izak Pulldown Kitchen Faucet

The handle is easy to use, even with the back of my hand when I’m knee-deep in making guacamole, and the sprayer is handy for rinsing the large sink, lentils or fruit in a colander, or soapy pans. It also easily swivels from side to side. I love this faucet! What’s your favorite part of your kitchen? Post a note and a photo!


The Home Depot has a better price on this faucet than Amazon, but if you insist on ordering from Amazon, you are welcome to use my Amazon link here.